My Pinterest Challenge
for 52 Weeks

Pinterest, an image rich social networking site, kept popping up late last year. I noticed quite a few quilting sites and blogs were using it. I eventually did a bit of research and decided it was worth giving it a try. Since joining I have found it the best and easiest way to store craft ideas that tickle my fancy. I used to keep ideas on my blog but these eventually fall away as my blog only holds the most recent entries.

See the large red P on the right-hand side of this page - click on it and you will be taken to my boards and what I have pinned to them.

I love the way this 'graphic social networking' works by attributing the graphic to its source. Unfortunately there will always be a few people who abuse this but that's life. I now ensure that when I pin a graphic that I write whos it is and the name of the site that it came from. I hope this helps.

Several years ago I purchased EQ7 - a quilt design computer program. I have played around with it quite a bit but have not really challenged myself to extend my skills in this area.

Then I came across a couple of amazing peoples endeavors on Pinterest. They had each set themselves a gruelling challenge. One was 'crafting for 365 days using Pinterest'. Another was 'A Year of Slow Cooking'. Well that really got me thinking & dreaming!

Here is what I created...

52 Free Quilting Patterns for You to Use!

Above are all the patterns that I decided to do. I challenged myself to produce one free quilting pattern using EQ7 a week - so that's 52 free patterns created in the 52 weeks! I posted each pattern on my site and on Pinterest. I did toss around the idea of doing it for 365 days but really how was I ever going to achieve that and stay sane?

Each quilt pattern I designed was done under the name 'Joanne's Designs'. They are ideal for the beginner quilter so very simple. There is nothing like achieving success to keep me on task! They were designed using the fabrics I have in EQ7 rather than using the latest fabrics in the quilting shops.

Most of the quilts I make are unique to me. As a general rule I prefer not to follow a pattern so this gave me a chance to put some of the simpler ones into a pattern format for others to enjoy.

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