Essential Quilting Supplies

Quilt making requires the use of quilting supplies or notions as they are also known. Quilting has increased in popularity over the past 30 years resulting in a huge increase in the number of quilt supplies available to the quilter. With so much variety available now it can be quite confusing deciding what is an essential quilt supply and what is not. Photo courtesy of Playing with brushes

The most basic requirement is a reliable sewing machine. Your local sewing machine retailer is a great place to start when looking into purchasing a machine. Let them know that you will be using it for quilting and explain what other types of sewing you will be doing. If you only require the machine for quilting, then buying the top end machine is probably not necessary in the beginning. I started with a basic machine that I now use to take to classes and groups.

You will need three pairs of quality scissors; one for fabric, a wee pair for snipping your threads and one for cutting paper. Cutting paper will blunt your fabric scissors very quickly. A good idea is to make sure they are a different color or brand so you can tell them apart. A rotary cutter, a quilting ruler and a cutting mat will also quickly become your new best friends, making the job of cutting quilt pieces in bulk a lot easier. The mat is essential to protect your cutting surface and rotary cutter from damage.

These are some of the most convenient tools available and should be on your list of essential quilting supplies as they will save you a lot of time and improve the accuracy of your quilt making.

Choosing the best supplies for quilting means choosing the ones that are right for you. Other supplies that quilters find useful are listed below:

* Design Wall

One of the best ways to choose your supplies is to purchase a quilting kit, a block of the month project, or to go on a quilting course. Buying quilting supplies in this manner takes out most of the guesswork.

Later, when your quilting skills and knowledge of fabrics have increased, quilt supplies can be purchased without the help of a kit. Also, always be sure to ask for advice from your local quilt store. They should be very knowledgeable about all the products they sell and will be able to help you choose the right quilting products for your project.

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