Felt Christmas Decorations

Felt penguin decoration made for the child's felt Christmas tree
Felt bird decoration made for the child's felt Christmas tree
Snowman in a Heart felt Christmas decoration
Felt gingerbread man hanging decoration
Wee two toned felt star to place on the Christmas tree
Felt Christmas stocking made from felt and fabric
Felt Angel ready to hang on the child's Christmas tree
felt elf decoration
Felt teddy decoration
Felt Santa decoration
Felt Christmas bell decoration
Wee Christmas present decorations
Christmas Puddings made from felt
Felt cupcake decoration
Felt house decoration
felt lollie decoration
felt bauble Christmas tree decoration
felt candy cane decoration
Felt snow globe decoration
Felt Star tree topper

These cute felt Christmas decorations are fun to make. They are all made using the same format which I outline further down.


...here is the list of all the materials you will use to make these felt decorations

Felt - use your favourite felt. Some felts are best sewn together by hand, while others suit machine sewing. I personally prefer sewing by machine and I find the best results for this are achieved when using Hard Felt. This is a polyester felt  and comes in a wide range of colours.

Freezer Paper - I use this to trace the patterns onto, then I iron the freezer paper pattern onto the felt. This requires no pins and therefore accurate pattern pieces. 

Velcro Tape - rough side only and non-adhesive unless you don't mind having glue attaching itself to your sewing needle. If you only have that to use then my suggestion is have some Eucalyptus Oil handy to frequently clean your needle.

Ribbon - there are so many choices here so choose what you like best

Buttons, beads, bells, sequins... 

Needle Size - 90/14 work well for sewing the velcro tape onto your felt

Whether you will be using one of my patterns or someone else's here are my 3 top tips to help you make the best felt decorations for your tree.

Tip One

Once all your wee felt pieces are cut out, assemble them into the decoration and then plan what order you are going to sew them together

Tip Two

Decide at the beginning whether this decoration is going to be hung or attached by velcro

Tip Three

Use sharp wee scissors that are able to cut right to their tip

In the Felt Elf video at the 3 minute mark, I briefly show & talk about the scissors I like to use

How To Make Felt Christmas Decorations

These are the basic instructions I use to make all my felt decorations. Occasionally I need to deviate and this is often due to the sewing machine being unable to sew around bulk items or it would spoil the look of the finished decoration if I did.

So a little planning is always helpful even when following somebody else's pattern.

Step 1: Trace all pattern pieces onto freezer paper

Step 2: Iron freezer paper pattern onto selected felts

Step 3: Cut out felt

Step 4: Assemble felt pieces to create the decoration

It is at this time that you need to do a wee bit of planning to decide which order you need to sew the pieces together. Also how will you be attaching this decoration to the tree - velcro or ribbon?

Step 5: Starting with the uppermost pieces of felt begin sewing them together using matching thread (eyes, beaks etc). Then sew this onto the next layer of felt if there is one.

Step 6: When all the wee pieces are assembled, place onto a piece of backing felt and position a velcro dot (square...) onto the back of the felt. Sew velcro onto felt  using thread that matches the velcro.

Step 7: Sew the assembled top decoration onto the backing felt.

Step 8: Cut away excess backing felt.

Step 9: Embellish with beads, buttons, bells and/or pens. There are many great permanent fabric pens on the market today. Below are what I like to use... I have used this brand since 1999 and never had any reason to change.

Felt decorations embellished using permanent fabric pens

Video Tutorials

Felt Star Topper

Felt Snow Globe

Felt Candy Cane

Felt Bauble

Felt Lollie

Felt House

Felt Cupcake

Felt Christmas Pudding

Felt Presents

Felt Bell

Felt Santa

Felt Teddy

Felt Elf

Felt Angel

Felt Stocking

Felt Star

Felt Gingerbread Man

Felt Snowman

Felt Penguins

Felt Birds

More felt Christmas decorations will be added throughout 2018. When there are enough completed I will combine them into a pattern that I will add to this page.

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