Inspirational Quilt Ideas

Inspirational quilt ideas can come at any time and from anywhere. I'm meaning the sort of inspiration that doesn't fade with time but instead increases with time. One project that inspired me earlier this year was seeing a woman challenge herself to make one new crafting project every day for a year and to do them with her children. That's 365 new crafting projects!! Wow I was amazed. I had to look into what she was doing.

Bored Jar

I had so much fun enjoying her journey (especially her Bored Jar idea - if a child says they are bored then they go to the jar and pull out one slip of paper. They must do what is written on the paper!! eg vacuum upstairs - wash 3 windows - ride your bike for an hour - watch a video etc ) that it inspired me to try something similar myself.

I decided her idea of a personal challenge was a great tool that I could use to increase my knowledge of EQ7. I had bought this software package several years ago and not used it much. So I challenged myself to designing and writing one new quilt pattern a week for a year. I've called it My Pinterest Challenge for 52 weeks.

Week 3 Challenge

I am so enjoying this journey and have increased my EQ7 knowledge more than I dreamed I would! As this idea came to me when I was researching what Pinterest was I decided to post my new quilt designs on Pinterest. They can be viewed on my pinterest board. The first time I was inspired in my quilting journey was while visiting a quilt exhibition some years ago. Fortunately I had my phone with a camera with me! I came across a child's quilt that was made from different pieced blocks. The blocks varied in size and style. Some used appligué while others were simple patchwork. After returning home I had this burning desire to make my own version of this quilt for my grand daughter. I so enjoyed making the quilt that I made a smaller version out of the scraps. The adrenaline rush was phenomenal and I can still remember the feeling of excitement and fulfillment. This quilt idea still inspires me.

Grand Daughters Quilt

I find this side of the quilting journey very exciting. Often I am not even looking for my next project idea.

Last weekend I went to a quilt exhibition and was blown away with a 60th quilt challenge that Norma Slabbert had exhibited. I spent most of my time enjoying her quilt. Each day the desire to do something along those lines grows!! I am enjoying toying with a range of ideas, color schemes and patchwork designs. This project could take a while to evolve!

An idea is growing - my husband and I have just found a lifestyle block of land that we would like to buy and I am considering documenting our progress of building and developing the land - almost 5 acres (1.878 hectares)!

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