Block of the Month Ideas

The Block of the month projects below are mostly ones I have made for use at our monthly quilting group. When I first started as BOM coordinator I searched the web for ideas visiting the websites of Glendale Quilting Guild, Fallbrook Quilt Guild, Patch Pieces & friends and others. Some of the original projects I used can still be found here. This gave me a good starting point moving forward. Once I was up and running with the quilting software EQ7 (and now EQ8) I began creating my own BOM projects and patterns. Like all things some of these were a great hit with our group and others less so.

Many quilting club members looked forward to Block of the Month (BOM) projects, a phenomenon in the quilting community that has spurred several innovative creations. Oftentimes, these projects are inspired by different patterns captured from my surroundings, and fashioned into intricate quilt blocks for our monthly quilting group gatherings. This has resulted in an impressive collection of original quilting projects that retain their charm to this day.

The common practice at our meetings involves each member of the group working on a single, specified block over the course of the month. Upon completion, all finished blocks are entered into a draw, with the winner receiving all the contributed blocks. Apart from being an exciting way to learn and practice various quilting techniques, it is also a fantastic way to accrue pieces towards completing a full quilt. When I ventured into trialling paper-pieced patchwork I found that very few of our members participated in that block.

The collective contribution of our group has resulted in a colorful array of Block of the Month projects available for any quilting group's inspiration – some featuring appliqué, others showcasing patchwork designs. A great way to learn and practice varying techniques and also a great way of acquiring a quilt! These blocks can be modified or used as they are to suit your personal taste or group's project.

Quilting Club Block of the Month Projects

The following pages contain Block of the Month projects that you can use for your quilting group. Some are appliqué, while others are patchwork. Feel free to use any of the following blocks as you choose.

An intriguing Seeing Stars block that is a paper pieced block suitable for all skill levels of quilter.


A stunning Four Winds block that creates a secondary design when made into a quilt.


A bright bug I spy Star block to make into a quilt and delight any very young child.

BOM I spy star block

Made entirely from your scraps this depression block is constructed from half square triangles in light and dark fabrics.

BOM depression block

A simple bento box block made from 4 identical blocks with colors reversed in two of them. It's name comes from the Japanese food boxes.

BOM bento box block

A stunning wee car block to delight any wee boy when made into a quilt.

To Car Block BOM

There's nothing more summery than eating an ice cream. This ice cream treats is fun to complete and can be decorated in many exciting ways.

To Ice Cream Treats BOM

There are many variations you can use when making this beach house block.

To Beach House BOM

Summer is also a time for wearing your jandals at the beach. Enjoy creating this summer jandals block . Set on a beach colored background makes it look very summery.

To Summer Jandals BOM

If you love going to the races then my dress block will give you a lot of pleasure.

To Dress Block BOM

This snowman block offers continuity with the interest coming through the scarves and added embellishments.

to Snowman Block BOM

Easter blocks are fun to make for children. This Easter Chick block when made would look great alternating with an Easter Egg Block.

To Easter Chick BOM

Another cute Easter block is Easter Bunny Basket.

To Easter Basket BOM

Christmas blocks always look festive when made. Try this Christmas ornament block. It's made using four colors.

To Christmas Ornament BOM

Another popular Christmas block is the Christmas tree block. A great block to use up those leftover Christmas fabrics.

To Christmas Tree BOM

The Christmas Cracker pieced block is made using red, greens, gold or silver fabrics.

To Christmas Cracker BOM

There seems to be endless ideas for quilts for children. I once saw a fabulous quilt using a jar theme so thought it appropriate to have one in my block of the month set. The jar block is very versatile. Bugs for boys, pinks for girls or even food for the teenager!

To Jar Block BOM

Another colorful block is the I spy block.

To I Spy BOM

You will use a lot of different colorful prints to make the beach ball block .

To Beach Ball BOM

The clown fish block is made using batiks. You will notice a definite resemblance to Nemo if you choose red and white fabrics.

To Clown Fish BOM

Tea for two is always fun and this cupcake block makes the most delicious cupcakes ever!

To Cupcake BOM

The nautical block looks very fresh in blues. Embellishing this block makes all the difference.

To Nautical BOM

This next block is made using four different cat templates. By making multiple blocks you can make a fabulous Cat Block.

To Cat Block BOM

The Irish chain block uses only 2 tone on tone colors, green and white. A great block for St Patrick's day.

To Irish Chain BOM

Friendship star is a lovely block, based on the nine patch, that can be made in any colorway you choose.

To Friendship Star BOM

If you are wanting to make an Amish block try the turnstile block , it uses only two colors.

To Turnstile BOM

The kimono block is a real treat. There are so many lovely Asian fabrics with gold overlay that would suit this block. Also being able to create both back & front views makes it more fun.

To Kimono BOM

The next block is called Bright Hope, and is a great one to make for someone in need of encouragement. It is made from tone on tone reds.

To Bright Hope BOM

If you are looking for a block that uses a large novelty print then the Window Block might be just what you are looking for.

BOM window block

Scrappy Quilt is an easy quilt block to make and also has the advantage of being a great one for using up some of those scraps!

BOM scrappy block

valentines day block are blocks that both use reds.

To Valentines Day BOM

Block of the Month Quilts


Another popular BOM initiative involves quilters taking up an entire quilt project individually, receiving incremental parts of the quilt pattern each month. This system allows you to break down complex challenges into manageable, smaller sections. As the progression is gradual, it provides an easy and simplified approach to working on larger patchwork and quilting projects.

Block of the Month quilt patterns diminish the overwhelming feeling of starting a new project by providing a clear plan. It instills confidence by breaking the project down into manageable segments, allowing quilters to progress at a steady pace through complex quilt patterns. As the quilt pattern unfolds month by month, it brings a delightful sense of accomplishment as your quilt takes shape before your eyes.

Numerous quilting shops offer BOM projects for purchase, which can be delivered to you on a monthly basis while payments are also made periodically. This provides additional convenience and flexibility when undertaking BOM projects.

Below is the first BOM project I participated in.

BOM quilt project "Purrfect Day Out"

Sharing a personal experience, a yearlong BOM project I participated in involved crafting an adorable quilt design titled "Purrfect Day Out". I can still remember the feeling of anticipation while waiting for each new section to arrive.

This kitset was offered through a local quilting shop and came with all the fabrics included. The finished quilt measured 54"x78" and was marketed as an exciting new Block of the Month project. It was recommended not only for children's rooms but also to add charm and warmth to any holiday home. This 10-month program was very reasonably priced per month, plus postage, with each row being delivered over two postings, while border charges were separate.

Whether you are a quilting enthusiast looking to refine your skills or a beginner seeking to delve into the wonderful world of quilting, the Block of the Month project system is an excellent way to foster creativity, expand your quilting prowess, as well as break down the payments into monthly instalments.

Happy sewing!

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