Joannes Designs Week50
Fish Quilt 41" x 53"

Fish Quilt

Joannes Designs Week50 'Free Fish Quilt Pattern' a patchwork and appliqued quilt designed after seeing a similar quilt on  the web.

With the different sized blocks used in this quilt it might mean that you have to move out of your comfort zone when assembling your quilt.

First make all the required blocks as per the patterns directions.

Then when assembling your completed blocks - first lay them all out  on a flat surface. You will notice that  you have 5 distinct sections:

  • Top row - no fish
  • Orange fish row
  • Green fish row
  • Blue fish row
  • Bottom row - no fish

Stitch the blocks together within each row mentioned above then sew the rows together.

Have fun selecting your fabrics and assembling your quilt. 

Making Your Blocks 

You will make this quilt using a range of 6" and 12" blocks. Some of the blocks have appliques on them and others are either made from a four patch block or plain fabric squares. Below is the number you will need to make of each block and its finished size ie: the size it is when sewn into a quilt.

Make 3 large fish blocks 12" x 12" 

Make 13 Bubble blocks 6" x 6"

Make 18 Four Patch blocks 6" x 6"

Make 5 plain blocks 6" x 6"

Each of the applique templates are supplied below. You will notice that the bubble templates are not truly circular as I feel this gives them more character and float.

To download the pattern, fabric yardage guide, templates or block rotary cutting guide click on the images below.

Fish Quilt Pattern
Fish Quilt Fabric Yardage Guide
Fish Block Templates 12 x 12
Fish Bubble Templates 6 x 6
Fish Four Patch Rotary Cutting Guide

My advice when making this quilt:

Above I have recommended the 3 items I use & find invaluable when doing appliqué (Lite Steam a Seam 2 & the appliqué pressing sheet) and also when squaring up all my blocks (rotating cutting mat) before sewing them together. I hope that helps you too.

1. Decide on which applique method you are going to use. My preference is machine raw edge applique and therefore I would not be cutting out the pieces with their seam allowances.

2. Cut your background pieces of fabric for the appliques an inch larger and then trim the completed blocks. This allows for any pulling of fabric.

3. When making your four patch blocks, first sew your strips together in pairs ( you will have two completed sewn strips). Next cut each sewn strip into 3 1/2" pieces. Sew together to make a four patch block. Repeat to make 18 four patch blocks.

4. Remember to rotate your bubble blocks to create more interest in the quilt and to also look like the bubbles are coming out of the fishes mouth.

I hope you enjoyed Joannes Designs Week50. Just 2 patterns to go!

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