Felt Easter Eggs

The Perfect Non- Chocolate Gift

Cassie (16months) decorating the felt Easter egg while big sisters are away
Cassie (16months) decorating the felt Easter egg while big sisters are away
Cassie (16months) decorating the felt Easter egg while big sisters are away
Cassie (16months) decorating the felt Easter egg while big sisters are away
Cassie (16months) decorating the felt Easter egg while big sisters are away

My granddaughter Cassie 16months old finally has the Felt Easter Eggs toy all to herself... she is thoroughly engrossed in decorating her egg by herself!! Definitely the perfect Easter gift!

Felt Easter Bunny back view
Felt Easter egg girl chicken
Felt Easter egg boy chicken

Making your own felt Easter eggs gift for that someone special is so much fun and will be enjoyed by everyone, especially the very young! It's made using 4 layers of different fabrics/materials that make it sturdy and long lasting!

Playing with this egg fosters the following skills in children -  decision making, eye hand coordination, problem solving, experimenting with design, seriation, self esteem, texture learning and encourages lots of talking with mum & dad (or who is with them at the time) about what they are doing.

This toy is made up of two main components:

  1.  The egg - this is magnetised so it attaches to the fridge
  2.  The felt attachments - each has a wee piece of velcro sewn onto their back

My daughter and I designed this for her 15 month old daughter who is too young to have chocolates. Also I had all the supplies on hand to complete this project quickly.

The egg can be made up into three different characters

  1.  An Easter egg
  2.  An Easter Bunny - back view & front view
  3.  An Easter Chick

My grandchildren have had a lot of fun making up variations of the above as can be seen below... I'm sure that whoever you make yours for will be super creative and surprise you with what they make...

Felt Easter Egg creation by Bella
Felt Easter Super Bunny made by Bella and her mum
Felt Easter Super Chick made by Bella and her mum

Pattern Now Available!!

Felt Easter Egg Pattern cover


No physical pattern will be shipped or mailed.

Felt Easter Eggs Supplies

You will need small amounts of the following:

  • 5mm thick felt
  • Velcro fabric
  • Fusible woven interfacing
  • Double sided fusible webbing
  • Bias binding - 20" (50cm)
  • Magnetic discs - 16

Making Your Felt Easter Eggs

This egg is made using 4 different materials and then sewing them together around the edge:

  • 5mm thick felt
  • Double sided fusible webbing
  • Fusible interfacing
  • Velcro fabric

We begin making the top layer first.

  1. Trace your pattern onto freezer paper
  2. Iron fusible interfacing onto the wrong side of the velcro fabric
  3. Iron freezer paper pattern onto interfacing side of prepared fabric
  4. Cut out egg shape

Next prepare the 5mm thick felt.

  1. Using tailors chalk make an egg shape 2" smaller than egg pattern on felt
  2. Position magnets as shown in the video
  3. Using 2 layers of double sided fusible webbing fuse velcro fabric egg onto felt
  4. Stitch around the edge
  5. Carefully cut away the surplus felt

Creating the Felt Attachments

To make the felt attachments you are going to need the following materials:

  • Hard felt in a variety of colours
  • Firm interfacing for large pieces
  • Soft interfacing for small pieces
  • Freezer paper
  • Double sided fusible webbing
  • Velcro tape - hook side only (rough side)
  • Buttons, beads etc

Click any of the following images to be taken to the page showing how to make each them:

Felt Easter Bunny the perfect gift for Easter
Felt Easter Chick toy the perfect gift for Easter
Felt Easter Egg toy the perfect gift for Easter

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