Conical Felt Tree

Cassie decorating her felt Christmas tree

My granddaughter loves to decorate her conical felt tree! It is made using 5mm thick felt as the base, this gives the tree a very sturdy foundation to withstand many years of use.  It is also super easy to store - the tree lays flat when opened and all the felt decorations store well in a Christmas tin.

Conical Felt Christmas Tree 2023 after 6 years of playing

Update Christmas 2023

It has been 6 years since I made this conical felt tree for my granddaughter. She keeps this tree in her wardrobe and takes it out to play with throughout the year. I recently saw it displayed in her bedroom all decorated for Christmas 2023. I was super impressed with how well it has stood up to the test of time.

Conical felt tree pattern


No physical pattern will be shipped or mailed.

The upper most covering of the tree is Velcro fabric. This allows the Velcro backed decorations to adhere anywhere on the tree which means success for wee hands and also more decorations can be added without having to sew on more Velcro dots or buttons!

Decorations for this conical felt tree can be found here.

Cassie decorating her felt Christmas tree
Cassie decorating her felt Christmas tree
Cassie decorating her felt Christmas tree

This tree helps to develop the following skills in young children:

  • Decision making - with so many decorations to choose from and two different methods of attaching them there are many decisions for wee minds to make
  • Eye hand coordination - each decoration requires wee hands to place them on the tree. Some can be put anywhere but others can only be put on the tree one way eg the hanging ones
  • Fine motor control - to place the hanging decorations on the tree, the ribbon needs to be held by both hands using the pincer grip for wee hands to have success
  • Problem solving - sometimes the decorations fall off due to poor or incorrect placement and this wee problem needs solving
  • Language development - this is predominantly vocabulary extension for the very young - colours, counting, decoration names or groups of the same type of decoration (eg stars) are all great conversation pieces. Asking questions like - where are you going to put that decoration? How many stars have you put on your tree? Can you find the.... decoration? Which is your favourite decoration & why? and so on.....
Cassie decorating her felt Christmas tree
Cassie decorating her felt Christmas tree
Cassie decorating her felt Christmas tree

The pattern for this tree is now available!

Conical felt tree pattern

Making A Conical Felt Tree Summary

Cut out tree shape from prepared Velcro fabric. This fabric has a wee bit of stretch which gives it a superb finish when erected into its tree shape. You can substitute thin felt here if you choose.

Conical felt tree - velcro fabric preparation

Cut out tree base shape from Christmas fabric.

Conical felt tree - base fabric prepared

Turn up ends & hem of Christmas fabric

Conical felt tree - neaten base fabric
Conical felt tree - join fabrics

Join the Velcro tree to the fabric base stitching close to the edge.

Next position the Velcro dots and buttons on the Velcro fabric. Before you sew them down it is best to make up a couple of decorations ( one with a Velcro back and the other a hanging one) and check your placement. When you are happy sew them in place.

Conical felt tree - attachments placed
Conical felt tree - sew attachments on

It is now time to attach the tree upper to the 5mm thick felt backing using double sided fusible webbing or similar. You need to take care when ironing the layers together to protect the Velcro fabric with an ironing cloth.

Conical felt tree - three layers of the tree

Sew around the edges then trim away the excess felt.

Conical felt tree - tree trimmed

Cut a narrow strip of 5mm thick felt and stitch a line down the centre.

Sew onto one side of the tree matching the edge of the tree with the centrally stitched line. Sew in place. Trim the top of the tab at an angle to ensure the tree sits snugly when assembled.

Sew on domes.

Conical felt tree - felt tab sewn on
Conical felt tree join

Assemble your tree and decorate!

More information about the wee felt Christmas decorations can be found here.

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