Colorful Beach Ball
Block of the Month - 12 1/2" block

I used this Beach Ball BOM recently (2012) with my quilting group. The blocks that were made from it looked fantastic. The variety of colors (even the pink and purple) just add to the feel of this block.

Some of the blocks were machine appliqued and of those there were several different stitches used. Other blocks were lovingly hand appliqued. It just goes to show that even when different blocks are made using different techniques they can still look fantastic when sewn together into a finished quilt. Above I have added a photo of the finished quilt. I hope the recipient of this quilt enjoys it very much.

The border that has been added does a great job of incorporating all the different colors from each of the blocks in the quilt. I particularly love the way the border colors and the balls have been placed.

I didn't give specific instructions for the size of the center circle. You can see the evidence of this in the finished quilt above. I rather like the randomness of this within the quilt. If this bothers you then feel free to add further instructions for this.

The finished ball block measures 12 1/2".

Use your scraps to make a colorful scrap quilt.


1. Cut 8 ball segments from 8 different bright colored fabrics.

2. Cut a 12 1/2" square background fabric from green fabric to resemble grass.

3. Using steam-a-seam or similar bond onto the back of the ball segments following manufacturers instructions.

4. Position the 8 ball segments overlapping the edges slightly, in the center of the block.

5. Cut a circle out of a bright fabric and using steam-a-seam position in the center of the ball.

6. Stitch using your preferred applique stitch.

Click on the image below to download a PDF of this BOM.

To Beach Ball Block PDF download

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