Colorful Beach Ball
Block of the Month - 12 1/2" block

Beach Ball BOM

The Colorful Beach Ball Block of the Month (BOM) is a versatile and vibrant addition to any quilting project. This delightful 12 1/2" block, introduced to my quilting group back in 2012, has since been a cherished part of many quilting experiences, being chosen to be used by other quilting groups.

What makes this Beach Ball BOM truly standout is its wide palette of colors that effortlessly create a fun, summer-like feeling to any quilting project. From the daringly delightful pink and purple tones to the more conventional blues and yellows, each color adds a unique character to the overall design of the beach ball blocks.

Despite its multicolored looks, the Beach Ball BOM block welcomes individual creativity and this brings it to life. Some blocks were put together using machine appliqué, and a variety of distinctive machine stitches that add depth and texture. Others came together through the more traditional method of hand appliqué, with each stitch thoughtfully made, resulting in beautifully hand stitched blocks.

Regardless of the technique used, the completed blocks looked absolutely stunning when pieced together to form a finished quilt as shown at the top of this page. The Beach Ball BOM consistently proves that variation can indeed work well together, and individual creation can seamlessly merge into a beautiful quilt.

Even slight inconsistencies, such as variation in the size of the center circle, contribute positively to the charm of the quilt. Although no specific instructions were provided for the center circle of the ball, the random sizes in the finished quilt offered an endearing uniqueness to each block. If you prefer uniformity, you can certainly add further instructions to achieve that.

The delightful border that wraps around the edges of the quilt isn't just an aesthetic touch, but thoughtfully integrates the range of colors found in each of the blocks. Not an arbitrary choice, the artistically placed ball colors in the border reflect a thoughtful effort to mirror the vibrancy within the quilt itself.

Now, let's move on to the practical part: 

Creating your own Colorful Beach Ball BOM.

The finished ball block measures 12 1/2".

Use your scraps to make a colorful scrap quilt.

Instructions to Assemble your Colorful Beach Ball Block of the Month:

  1. Print out the ball PDF at the bottom of this page
  2. Select and cut 8 ball segments from 8 different brightly colored fabrics of your choice.
  3. Cut a 12 1/2" square of solid green fabric to serve as the quilt's background, mimicking a grassy field.
  4. Apply steam-a-seam or a similar fusible web onto the back of the ball segments following the manufacturer's instructions.
  5. Position the 8 ball segments on the green fabric, ensuring that they overlap slightly, to create a circular ball within the center of the block.
  6. Cut out a circle from a strikingly bright fabric and affix it to the center of the beach ball using steam-a-seam.
  7. Secure the entire ball design onto the green fabric using your preferred applique stitch, whether machine or hand-stitched.

Remember to utilize your leftover fabric scraps to create a lively, multicolored scrap quilt. Pair these fun Beach Ball blocks with solid squares or other patterned block designs to enhance variety and visual interest in your patchwork masterpiece. Happy quilting!

Click on the image below to download a PDF of this BOM.

To Beach Ball Block PDF download

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