Bento Box Block
Block of the Month 9 1/2" (unfinished)

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The Bento Box Block is a visually impressive piece of patchwork, perfect for a block of the month project due to its level of complexity and unique design. It will make up into  a 9 1/2" unfinished block. The pieced Bento Box block is made from four nearly identical, smaller blocks. The slight difference lies in the color arrangement - in two of these smaller blocks the colors are reversed, creating a very eye catching quilt when pieced together. 

The term 'Bento Box Block' originates from Japanese culture where bento boxes are used to serve food, often decorated in an aesthetically-pleasing manner, segmented into four equal parts, similar to this quilting pattern.

With its finished dimensions being 9" x 9", the Bento Box Block design requires two main contrasting colors to enhance the structured and balanced look of this quilt block. The choice of colors can significantly alter the overall tone and mood of the quilt, enabling you to customize it according to personal preference or thematic application. I suggest Googling 'Bento Box Block Quilts' to see what colour way suits you best.

Given its structure and layout, the Bento Box Block can be considered a novice level project for those who aspire to make designs like in the Dear Jane quilt. Broken down, the Bento Box Block consists of four 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" blocks, resembling the block size used to construct the original Dear Jane quilt.

To assist and guide you, I have provided a downloadable PDF that features the Bento Box Block. The guide will offer the specifications needed for each piece within the block and how to assemble the block, ensuring that your project goes smoothly and results in a visually cohesive design.

Click on the image below to download a PDF of this BOM.

To Bento Box Block PDF download

I have added a rotary cutting guide below that shows the dimensions needed for each piece within this block.

Click on the image below to download a PDF of this rotary cutting guide.

To Bento Box Block Rotary Cutting Guide PDF download

My advice when making this quilt

The creation of this quilt block only involves three different sized pieces. I highly recommended you cut the larger pieces first.

1. Cut both of your chosen fabrics into 2" wide strips.
2. Cut two 5" long pieces from each color fabric. These pieces are labeled as 'A' within the block's downloadable handout.
3. Sew the leftovers of the two fabric strips together along one long side.
4. Cut four 3 1/2" long strips from the sewn fabric.
5. Next, cut four 2" long strips.
6. Follow the piecing instructions illustrated in the block's handout to assemble your block.

Given its structured layout, the Bento Box Block can be assembled quickly and efficiently once the pieces are cut and ready. This allows you to produce multiple blocks in a relatively short time, making it an ideal project for a Block of the Month quilting event or for a rapid quilt production.

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