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The above turnstile block is an easy block to make. Just be careful with your color choices as the above diagram does not represent the colors described below.

When you do a search on google for 'Amish Quilts' you come across an amazing array of quilts. What strikes you most in their quilts is their use of plain colored fabric.

Wikipedia give a great description of Amish quilts and I have added a part of it here:

'Amish quilts are reflections of the Amish way of life. As a part of their religious commitment, Amish people have chosen to reject "worldly" elements in their dress and lifestyle, and their quilts reflect this. Traditionally, they use only solid colors in their clothing and the quilts they intend for their own use, in colors that were approved by their local religious leaders.'

The block above works very well with these color fabric combinations in mind.

The blocks made by my quilting group for this block of the month were quite plain but when sewn into a lap quilt became stunning. Sorry no photo again!

Click on the image below to download a PDF of this BOM.

To Turnstile Block PDF download

This turnstile block is made using only two colors. If you want to make it an Amish block substitute the following colors:

Background: black

Amish color: plain fabric not patterned in purple, pink, mauve or blue

Cut in black 1 x square 5 3/4"

Then cut it diagonally twice to make 4 quarter-square triangles, these are "B"

Cut in black 2 x 5 3/8" squares

Then cut once diagonally to make 4 half-square triangles, these are "A"

Cut in color 1 x 5 3/4 square

Then cut twice diagonally to make 4 quarter-square triangles, these are "B"

Use 1/4" seam to join block, refer to diagram fir stitching sequence

Press light fabric seams towards the dark fabric and cut off 'dog ears'

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