Easter Bunny Basket
Block of the Month - 10 inch (unfinished)

This Easter bunny basket block is very cute. You can use any appliqué technique you like. The pattern has no seam allowances added, so remember to add these if you are going to be turning your edges under.

The completed blocks would look fabulous made up into a cot quilt, child's bed quilt or as a lap quilt. You choose!

Background: Any small floral in spring colors 10" x 10"

Bunny: White with pink inner ears & black eyes

Basket: Any brown basket color

If you just can't decide which fabrics to choose then have fun making several blocks!

B - Handle

C - Outer Left Ear

D - Inner Left Ear

E - Outer Right Ear

F - Inner Right Ear

G - Bunny Head

H & J - Eyes

K & I - Paws

L - Basket base

M - Left Folded Ear

Click on the image below to download a PDF of this BOM.

To Easter Bunny basket Block PDF download

Wow! did we get some fabulous blocks back from this project. Again sorry no photos to show you as I didn't have my camera with me. I think I'm going to remedy this problem as I'm feeling a little embarrassed by this repeated excuse. I'm a visual person so I love seeing completed blocks rather than having them described to me, the inspiration is so much more effective!

Some of the embellishments added to the blocks that came back were:

  1. Wee ribbons tied to the bottom of the handles
  2. A ribbon tied at the top of the handle
  3. Easter egg(s) added to the side of the basket
  4. Easter eggs added in the basket protruding from behind the bunny

One of the very cute things that showed in our returned blocks were the positioning of the ears. They were on all sorts of angles and the ear that had flopped over did so in many different ways!

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