Easter Chick Block
Block of the Month - 10 1/2" block

This Easter Chick Block is a very cute appliqué block. It is easy to make using any appliqué technique you choose.

Make the chick out of yellow fabric and the beak out of orange.

You can make the egg shell either out of a single piece of fabric or you can have fun choosing how to decorate your egg. If you want to add any broken pieces of shell to the block or maybe a feather - go ahead and have fun!

If you choose to make the chick & egg out of plain fabric then use a more patterned backing fabric. Make the backing fabric 10 1/2" square.

I made this BOM quite a long time ago and revisiting it now brings a smile to my face. Just look at that beak!! Oh my did I struggle in the early days learning my way around EQ7. Please, please alter this wee beak to be a better shape and fit for the wee chick! We don't need to add another level of confusion for the recipient of any of the quilts made using this block.

You can have a lot of fun when selecting your fabric for this block. It only requires wee pieces. Traditionally the chocolate Easter egg would have shiny stripped foil paper wrapped round it and I don't see any reason for not going a bit whacky here too.

If you don't feel you have suitable fabric then create stripes etc using ribbons, Ric-rac, lace or whatever you have.

Click on the image below to download a PDF of this BOM.

To Easter Chick PDF download

You will notice that this block does not include seam allowances. I designed it with raw edge machine appliqué in mind. Now having started making the Dear Jane blocks I have begun to do quite a bit of needle turn appliqué where seam allowances are imperative. If this is your preferred appliqué method them remember to add seam allowances.

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