Beginner Applique Course
How To Sew Successful Applique

Starting on the exciting journey of applique can seem daunting at first, especially if you are a novice to the craft. That's why I've developed this comprehensive beginner applique course . Intended mainly for beginners, this guide can help iron out the initial struggles you may encounter during your early endeavours into applique work and contribute towards a more pleasurable first-time applique experience.

As a newbie, beginning your first applique project might be riddled with challenges, potentially causing considerable frustration as well as financial setbacks due to common errors. These problems can be discouraging to a point where you might contemplate abandoning the craft entirely.

This course aims to equip you with the necessary skills to avoid:

  • Puckering of your backing fabric around your applique
  • Your applique detaching or falling off from your quilt
  • Distortion of your applique on the fabric backing
  • Unwanted movement of your applique while sewing
  • Sewing stitches off the edge of the applique

I've collected this material drawing on my personal experiences, focusing on specific elements I wished I had known when I first started. Although they may seem simple in isolation, these tips can significantly alleviate difficulties encountered while appliqueing, particularly while working on complex designs.

For instance, just by using the right type of presser foot on your sewing machine, you can effortlessly turn corners and sew curves - tasks which otherwise seem complicated.

I fondly remember my first attempts at applique quilting being dedicated to doll beds - a small and manageable starting point. Perhaps, you, too, could consider similar small-scale projects for your first endeavour, such as a cute bed cushion. Irrespective, think about the ultimate product you wish to create so you can select an appropriately sized backing fabric for your applique.

Here's an example: A lovely throw quilt made of individual blocks, with each featuring an applique. This could serve as a grand project idea to kickstart your applique journey!

Small applique pink quilt

If you're uncertain about locating attractive designs or patterns for your applique project, here are a few sources you could explore:

- Coloring books: Several websites offer these, providing a wide range of fun and intricate designs.
- Children's storybooks: These are typically filled with quaint and unique illustrations.
- Google Images: This affords unlimited possibilities! To diversify your search, add 'sketches', 'silhouettes', 'drawings' after your keyword, such as 'cat sketches', 'cat silhouettes'.

There are also several resources online for free applique patterns, like:

This beginner applique course contains a list of topics, including:

Eager to get started? The first section, Pre-Washing Fabric, offers an excellent starting point for your first applique project.

Remember, the goal is to learn and enjoy, so take it easy and have fun! Let's dive into the vibrant world of applique crafting and create your first masterpiece.

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