Wooden Teething Ring

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Baby with wooden teether ring

This wooden teething ring is easy to make, loved by mums and babies alike so a win-win-win for everyone!

My daughter asked me if I could make her a selection of wooden teething rings for her latest baby - how could I refuse. She even found the pattern for me to use. 

After making a lot of these my daughter commented that she found them a bit too long which made them flap around too much. Together we drafted our own pattern and you can find it here for free. I use the quilting software programme EQ7 to create my patterns.

To download this pattern you will need to have the latest version of Adobe Reader on your computer. It is a free software program and can be downloaded here.

Teether Tie Ring Pattern

Wooden Teething Ring Tutorial

Materials Needed:

2 types of fabric 

  • Main fabric for front
  • Towelling fabric for back

Wooden ring - these are best bought online from either Etsy or Alibaba.com

Turning tool - if you are handy or know someone who is, then you can make a great turning tool from a narrow piece of doweling or even a chopstick. See the photo in step 4 that shows one end of the tool having a diagonal cut, this helps greatly to smooth out the edges and also doesn't pop through the fabric like a knitting needle would.

Seam Allowance - 1/4" 

Teether Tie Ring Step 1 Tutorial - cut out fabric

Cut two pieces

  • one from your cotton fabric
  • one from your toweling fabric

Teether Tie Ring Step 2 Tutorial - sew around the edge & clip curves

With right sides facing, sew both pieces together using a 1/4" seam allowance. Leave a 3" gap for turning on one of the straight edges. Clip all curved edges and trim across both points.

Teether Tie Ring Step 3 Tutorial - turn right side out

Using a turning tool (knitting needle or chopstick) turn right side out. This can be a bit tight so take care.

Teether Tie Ring Step 4 Tutorial - smooth out seams

When both ends have been turned right side out, insert turning tool to smooth out the seams from the inside. The top one above has been done.

Teether Tie Ring Step 5 Tutorial - iron

Press using a hot steam iron.

Teether Tie Ring Step 6 Tutorial - top stitch edge

Top-stitch using a slightly longer stitch (I use a 3) right around the edge of the teether, this will also close the turning gap.

Now the following images show how to attach the teether tie to the ring. Begin with folding the tie in half and slipping the ring on as shown below.

Assembling teether tie onto wooden ring

Next you pass the tie ends back under the wooden ring, passing them through the looped end of the fabric. Check that the fabric is sitting nice and flat, then pull tight to secure the tie on the wooden ring.

2 teether ties completed

These teether's are super easy to make and only require 2 seams to be sewn. I've made a lot of these beautiful teether's and my daughter bought a pack of 3-4 wooden rings and interchanges them as needed. She loves all the different textures they include and with her wee one dribbling so much at the moment they have proved an added bonus. They are easily removed from the wooden ring to be washed.

These teether's would make a fabulous gift for any expectant mother!! You can also make these super easy bandana bibs to go with the teether.

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