Felt Easter Bunny

Felt Easter Bunny girl
Felt Easter Bunny boy

This cute felt Easter bunny is created by making a range of felt accessories to place on the egg using velcro tape sewn onto the back of each piece.

  • Ears
  • Feet
  • Tail
  • Eyes
  • Mouth/Nose
  • Bow

Felt Easter Bunny

Pattern Now Available!!

Felt Easter Egg pattern


No physical pattern will be shipped or mailed.


To make these  bunny accessories you will need:

  • Felt
  • Double sided fusible webbing
  • Firm interfacing
  • Velcro tape -hook side
  • Freezer paper

thin felt selection


Click on the image to go to the video showing how it is made

Bunny Feet

Felt Easter Bunny Feet

Bunny Tail

Felt Easter Bunny Tail

Bunny Ears

Felt Easter Bunny Ears

Bunny Mouth

felt Easter bunny mouth

Bunny Eyes

Felt Easter Bunny Eyes

All of the accessories are made the same way. Here is a brief outline of the steps to make them.

Step 1:

 Trace pattern pieces onto freezer paper

Rough cut out

Felt Easter Bunny Pattern

Using freezer paper gives you the most accurate shaped felt piece. Alternatively you can tape your pattern piece onto the felt with scotch tape. The benefit here is that your pattern pieces become stronger with each use.

Step 2:

 Iron freezer pattern piece onto felt

Felt Easter Bunny on felt

You only need to use a warm iron setting for this step. If you prefer to use a hot iron then use a pressing cloth

Step 3:

Cut out 

Felt Easter Bunny Ears

When cutting felt it is best to use sharp scissors that can cut right to the tip

Step 4:

Iron freezer pattern piece onto firm interfacing

Felt Easter Bunny on freezer paper

Using firm interfacing gives these pieces extra strength & durability

I use the one that is used in bag making

Step 5:

Cut out 2mm smaller than the pattern

Using fusible webbing secure felt to firm interfacing with a hot iron, using a pressing cloth

Felt Easter Bunny firm interfacing

The firm interfacing is cut smaller than the felt so that it doesn't show around the edges of the completed felt shape

Double sided fusible webbing not only adheres everything together it also increases the strength of the finished felt piece

Step 6:

Add velcro to backing felt

Felt Easter Bunny with velcro

To check your velcro position on the backing piece of felt hold it up to a window

When stitching your velcro on use a matching thread to the velcro colour

Step 7:

 Use fusible webbing to secure the front felt piece with firm interfacing onto the backing felt

Iron to secure 

Felt Easter Bunny

Remember to check that your velcro piece placement is central

Use a hot iron & a pressing cloth here

Step 8:

Stitch all layers together around the edge

Felt Easter Bunny

Use a slightly longer stitch than normal and sew close to the outer edge (1-2mm)

You should only be sewing through 2 layers of felt

Step 9: 

Trim away excess felt backing

Felt Easter Bunny

Again use sharp scissors here and take care to not hold your scissors on an angle or you may find that you have cut through your stitching line on the back.

Step 10: 

If required stitch embellishment lines

Some of the pieces have extra lines stitched onto them eg the crease lines on the bow

When doing these you may need to increase the size of your sewing machine needle (100/16 or a Jeans needle) especially if you need to sew through the velcro

Below are a selection of videos showing how each of the accessories are made:

Bunny Feet

Felt Bunny Feet

Bunny Tail

Felt Bunny Tail

Bunny Ears

Felt bunny ears

Bunny Mouth

Felt bunny nose/mouth

Bunny Whiskers

Bunny Eyes - with lashes

Felt eyes

Bunny Bow

Felt Bows

Visit my chicken page to view the video making this bow and the other set of eyes.

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