Nighttime Cat Antics Pattern

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Nighttime Cat Antics Quilt

The Nighttime Cat Antics Pattern is an amazing new quilt pattern that helps you the home quilter, to sew your own stunning modern baby quilt and be able to choose some of the style features that most appeal to you.

I have designed this quilt to be a large crib/cot sized quilt that will also fit on a single/twin bed so that you will get many more years use from it if you choose to... 

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No physical pattern will be shipped or mailed.

Your pattern includes:

  • AMAZING! The full sized pattern templates allow you to immediately cut out all the quilt pieces - Today


  • PRACTICAL! Step by step instructions ensures you can quickly create your new baby quilt - Like A Pro

  • DELIVERS! Detailed photos and diagrams making it easier to see how it should look right from the start in one easy to follow step by step pattern

3 Star block choices

  • EXCLUSIVE! Three star block variations ensures you can choose the style that most appeals to you - With Ease

Starry Path Block
Double Friendship Star Block
Friendship Star

  • EXCELLENT! Variations allowing for different skill levels and styles helps you to choose the technique and look that best suits you - Quickly

Nighttime Cat Antics quilt pattern is for every home quilter who wants to make a fabulous quilt for a new baby, but hasn't found the perfect pattern.

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Included in the pattern is an added bonus just for you...

A stunning modern cushion cover pattern is included in the quilt pattern. Using up some of the surplus fabric from this quilt you will be able to create a gorgeous stunning cushion. 

If you're a home quilter and you really want to make a beautiful quilt for a new baby, then "Nighttime Cat Antics Pattern" is the answer you've been looking for!

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