Busy Book Supplies

My busy book supplies that I have listed below contain a list of the most useful items that I have found helpful when making my busy books. I have added images and links where I can. 

Both the scissors and clover clips I have bought and love. With my granddaughter sewing more & more I find the clips a great alternative to pins.

A lot of the items on my list you may already have or will be able to buy locally.

One of the sites that I have come across last year is Aliexpress. A great place to visit if you can't find exactly what you want anywhere else. Also a place where you can spend a lot of time on...

The other site I came across is gmarket - a Korean site that sells the hard felt I now use.

Busy Book Supplies List

  • Small sharp scissors - these are very good at cutting detailed felt edges

  • Clover Wonder Clips, Red, 50-Pack

  • Felt wool
  • Ribbons - grosgrain
  • Buttons etc

  • Felt polyester - from gmarket, this felt is well worth the purchase as it wears & washes well. Search for hard felt 1,2mm thickness. This is what I bought: http://item2.gmarket.co.kr/English/detailview/item.aspx?goodscode=177287566

  • Velcro fabric - from Aliexpress and following is the title on their website:    10pcs/lot Assorted colorful Nylex,toy doll cloth,galling flannelette,sofa fabric material sticking,Handmade Stuff pile velvet

  • Velcro tape - this is the only place that I found this fabulous soft grip velcro. I love this tape as it is easier for little fingers to use in their books. It also causes little-to-no damage to your felt. You may not like this velcro due to its softer grip so it would pay to read through the product reviews before purchasing.

I like to use regular sew on velcro as well. I have used the sticky sided one but this tends to leave an annoying residue on my sewing machine needle. Then it's out with the eucalyptus oil....

For several of my busy book pages I used a non branded velcro product that I have now discarded due to its very poor performance - its fibres started separating from one another where I had machine stitched - so very disappointing and such a shame as their colours were so vibrant.

  • Video tutorials - the best I have found are made by Irina Sorokina and are found on You Tube. She also has a Facebook page called 'My Craft'

My Amazon ads are my affiliate links. Thank you.

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