My Baby Snuggle Bag

My baby snuggle bag took only 4 hours to make! I had seen a similar one on Pinterest several months ago and I tried to purchase one for the arrival of my new grand daughter next month. Unfortunately the company zCush that makes them don't post to New Zealand or Australia yet so I decided to try my hand at making one.

The photos below shows my granddaughter as a newborn & at 4 months old, having nearly outgrown my snuggle bag! It looks like it has survived many washes as well!

 I loved the way the original image I'd seen on Pinterest showed how versatile the  bag could be. For easy washing the pillow can be removed by unzipping the  bottom of the bag. Also the bag has a side zip making it easy to place the baby in  and remove the baby.

 After showing my daughter this nap mat on Pinterest she asked if I could make her  one. As I'd only seen this on Pinterest I had no idea of the actual finished size so  decided to make mine as easy as possible and used 2 pillow cases as my starting  point. We went shopping together to buy all the items we needed.

  1. Two pillow cases - standard size
  2. One pillow - or similar
  3. Two zips - 16" and 18" 
  4. Batting
  5. Decoration fabric
  6. Ric rack

Below is a brief summary of how I made my baby snuggle bag.

The first thing I did was to round two of the corners of the back pillowcase. I used a dinner plate to do this.

I then shortened and decorated the other (front) pillowcase with my cupcake fabric. Placed machine washable wool batting inside and did a wee bit of outline quilting around the cupcakes.

Next I joined the two pillowcases at the left hand side. I did this by unpicking the seam of the back pillowcase then inserting the second pillowcase and stitching them together. I then added the 16" zip along the open edge at the bottom. This is where the pillow can be inserted or removed.

Lastly I added the side 18" zip as can be seen below.

All I need to do now is wash the wee sleeping bag (without the pillow) and then give it to my daughter. Though this is a very small sleeping bag and the baby will grow out of it very fast I'm sure it will then be re-purposed for one of the many dolls in the home.

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