Baby Batman Room

My 3rd granddaughter is nearly due and I have been having a lot of fun making all sorts of items for her arrival in late November 2016.

My son-in-law is a keen Batman fan so they decided to make the baby's room up in this theme. Then they found out they were having a wee girl so a lot more yellow and flowers has crept in where possible...

I must admit I have truely enjoyed adding the flowers and yellow accents. I am very pleased to have been able to make a wee dress for the doll rather than a Batman cap etc - saving me from drafting up a wee pattern those pieces.

So far we have made:

  • cot quilt
  • rag quilt
  • minky cuddle blanket
  • bassinet minky cuddle blanket
  • bassinet quilt
  • 2 toy tubs
  • cute Tilda sweatheart doll
  • 2 bed pillows
  • 2 knot pillows
  • change mat

This quilt has been designed by my daughter. The 3 building fabrics were from 'The City Quilter' in New York. I know I live in New Zealand but I just couldn't resist. Thank goodness for the internet!! It's now ready to go to my daughter.

I love my Tilda inspired doll! She is made using the smaller of the Tilda sweetheart doll patterns. I think she is uber cute and it is almost tempting to maker the larger version. I was a little concerned that her large head would be wobbly but when I stitched the head onto the body 3 times it was very stable - what a relief.

These fabric toy baskets were made following this tutorial.

The fun knot pillows I made from stretch fabric using a tutorial that my daughter found on line here

The above rag quilts are made using three layers of flannel fabric. You can find instructions on how to make one here using my free ebook.

This is a rather large change mat. I used water proof fabric for the backing and a fully machine washable batting in the middle.

Here is the wee bassinet quilt I made from the scraps of left over fabric. The appliqué was added to make it a bit more girly!!!

I love making cute cushions - the reward of seeing them loved by my grand children and on their beds is magic. I fashioned these 2 cushions on the two I made in the Dr Seuss themed room.

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