Toddler Busy Book

Made for Bella 2-5 years

My toddler busy book was made in 2016 for Bella's 3rd birthday and it instantly became one of her favourite books. She uses the pages very creatively! We have spent many hours playing together with all the vegetables in the garden page. Bella loves first putting them in her mum's salad spinner!!

Below I have added the pages that are in this book and also the line drawing that you can use as a pattern to make your own. These are all my own drawings that have been inspired by what I have found while browsing the web.

The line drawings have been created after each page was made and you can use them or part of them how ever you wish.

To see my recommended supply list go here. I started my first pages using what I already had and through trial and error I have sourced a range of products that suit me. Where possible I have included a link to what and where I have bought some of the items.

I buy primarily from local shops, Amazon and Aliexpress. I have used a wide range of felts and though all work I feel the most durable/child proof  comes from Aliexpress. The felts used in the book below are mostly NZ wool felt with a few polyester felts bought from my local shop.

Bella's Busy Book Front Cover
TicTac Toe
Fish Puzzle
Dress the Ladybug
Make a Rainbow
Build a Cake
Vegetable Garden
Caterpillar Counting
Doll page
Doll Dressing
Style Me
Flower Puzzle
Find the Ladybugs
Laundry Day
Washing Day
Find the Snails
Picnic at the Zoo
Animals in the Garden
Cat and Mouse

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