Summer Fun Quilt

Top To Be Completed 2015

This is my Summer Fun quilt. I designed this using EQ7 and have made each block using the foundation piecing method. I have added the FREE foundation piecing patterns below for each block. I hope you enjoy them!

The inspiration for this quilt came from two places:

1. Lori Holt's row by row quilt that you can view here. At the time of making this quilt I was in to foundation piecing, so I created my quilt using this piecing method. 


2. My visit to "The City Quilter" in New York. There I bought a range of NY prints. You can see them in the photo below. I used these as the basis for my fabric choice.

Each block within this quilt captures an element of summer fun in New Zealand! There are strawberries, apples (some were so yummy there is only the core left!), tulips and more.

This is an easy quilt to enlarge to fit a larger bed - make a few more blocks to add to each row. Similarly reduce the quilt by omitting rows & making less blocks in each row. Please feel free to use any of the block patterns within this quilt to use as you would like.

Below you will find my foundation piecing block rows that I created using EQ7. As I said I hope to have added the patterns by mid 2015.

Finished quilt size: 62" x 90"

1/4" seam allowances included

Fabric Requirements

Select a range of coordinating fabrics. This is an ideal quilt to raid your stash. I used a combination of fabrics from my stash and supplemented these with some fat quarters. Above is a photo showing the number and colours that I used to make my blocks.

Backing: 5 3/4 yards

Row 4: 2" x 3"

Cake Block

Cake Pattern

Row 7: 9" x 6"

House Block

House Pattern

Row 11: 4" x 7"

Tulip Block

Tulip Pattern

Here is the quilt top showing most of the rows joined together. Just the last three rows to add and then I need to square it up and think about what borders I will add.

Here are a few close up shots of my Summer Fun quilt top.

Rows 1 through 4

Rows 5 through 9

Rows 10 through 13

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