Straight Set

Log Cabin Design

Straight Set log cabin is a simple but surprisingly elegant layout, with all the blocks oriented in the same direction. The placement of each block makes the squares appear to march in ordered rows from the top corner of the quilt to the bottom, something like a flock of geese in flight.

For those wanting access to free log cabin patterns.

You can enhance this effect by using just one dark fabric and one light fabric, or make the quilt look less formal by choosing a scrappy assortment of fabrics.

As you can see the quilt is made up of one block repeated as many times as is needed. Once all blocks are sewn it is best to lay them out on a display wall, bed top or floor to ensure the correct placement and number of blocks. Some quilters like to add an appliqued design to the center of each block. This is best done before the blocks are sewn together in rows.

If you want to design a quilt without the red center block then replace it with the appropriate color, either dark or light depending on your placement.

The above log cabin design is one of the original layouts. Since the development of the rotary cutter the number of log cabin variations has exploded. Also the development of quilting software like EQ7, has enabled quilters to play extensively with their log cabin quilt design.

One of the difficulties quilters have when cutting strips of fabric for their log cabin is keeping track of all the pieces, especially as the longer ones appear to look the same length. I came across Judy Martin's fabulous and inexpensive idea of using an organising system. She suggested silverware trays or drawer organisers. These are available at a range of stores.

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