Star Quilt Blocks

2014 - 2015 Project

This wee star quilt blocks project started after completing my Dear Jane quilt top. I can now understand how people can get addicted to a specific quilt design! I was tempted to make another Dear Jane in a different colour way but I decided to make a totally different quilt using wee star blocks and a few others that I fell in love with.

The blocks I am making are all:

  1. 6" x 6"
  2. Made using the paper piecing method
  3. Made from my stash and my husbands discarded business shirts
  4. All designed by me using EQ7
  5. Can be sewn together to make a small quilt

I have no time limit for making this project so I will only add each block when it has been made. I haven't yet decided how many or which blocks I will make. I will added the paper piecing pattern I used and yes you will be able to download it.

If you are wanting to reduce or enlarge any block you can do this by using a photocopier. Go to new block size chart and scroll down to the New Block Size chart. I have given instructions below the chart for its use.

Tangled Star
Andrea's LeMoyne
Blueberry Pie
Eight Pointed Star
Morning Star
Double Windmill
Card Basket
Star Variation
Garden Patch
All In OneAll In One

I have added below some interesting historical information about some of the blocks I am looking at using in this project

Autumn Star: This block comes from the 1930's

Hope of Hartford: This block first appeared around 1945!

Star Lane: In 1901 this block was known as Star Lane...and by 1935 it was given another name, one more commonly heard today, Starry Lane.

Goshen Star: This block comes to us from the early 1900's!

Diamond Star: This block has been around since about 1896!

Four Corners: This block originated in the 1930's!

Godey's Star: This block is roughly a 1850's block, that Marcia Hohn has reworked to eliminate the in-setting of those stars! The photo is of a block made by Gayle.

July Fourth: This block comes from the 1930's! approximately.

Stars and Nines:This block is from the late 1800's, although its name at that time is unknown!

Easy Carpenter's Wheel: This is a simpler version of the original...which was the same in looks, but constructed of all diamonds.

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