Star Block Pattern
Level: Beginner

The star block pattern is a very popular choice for quilters to use. Below I have selected a range of different star blocks for the beginner quilter to use. Most of these blocks require the use of only one type of piecing technique.

Most blocks come in a specific size and a few come in several sizes. Remember you can enlarge or reduce each block as needed. You can do this by using a photocopier. Go to new block size chart and scroll down to the New Block Size chart. I have given instructions below the chart for its use.

Most of the following patterns have been designed by Marcia Hohn. She has a fabulous website where she offers a wide range of traditional block and original block patterns.

For those patterns that require the paper piecing method go to paper piecing instructions and here you will be taken through a paper piecing tutorial. It will help guide you through this technique whether you are new to paper piecing or would just like to refresh your skills.

6" - 7" Star Patterns

To Guiding Star Pattern
To Delaware Crosspatch Pattern

8" Star Patterns

To Duck Tracks Pattern
To Indian Star Pattern
To Waste Not Pattern
To Sky Rocket Pattern

9" and 10" Star Patterns

To Blocks and Stars Pattern
To Double Friendship Star Pattern
To Eccentric Star Pattern
To Indiana Puzzle Pattern
To Cross and Stars Pattern
To Farmers Daughters Pattern

12" Star Patterns

To Austin Pattern
To Brasstown Pattern
To Cluster of Stars Pattern
To Eight Pointed Star Pattern
To Eight Pointed Star Pattern
To Deweys Victory Pattern
To Eight Pointed Star Pattern
To Envelope Motif Pattern
To Friendship Star Pattern
To Friendship Star 2 Pattern
To Louisiana Pattern
To Magic Cross Pattern
To Morning Star Pattern
To Mosaic 4 Pattern
To Next Door Neighbor Pattern
To Ohio Star Pattern
To Ribbon Star Pattern
To Sarah's Choice Star Pattern
To Sawtooth Pattern
To Sawtooth Star Pattern
To Spinning Star Pattern
To Star and Pinwheels Pattern
To Star Flower Pattern
To Star of Virginia Pattern
To Sunlight and Shadows Pattern
To The Cog Block Pattern
To The Dandy Pattern

The above star patterns are traditional block patterns. Some of these blocks have their history dating back over 200 years.

As with a lot of names given to quilting blocks there can be several names for each block. This often has arisen due to the different placement of fabrics within a block and the number of different fabrics used to complete each block.

You will also notice that several of these blocks look almost identical. Again a slight change can create a new block and a new name. This is easily seen with the '8 pointed star' block. Have a close look at the Austin and the Indian blocks to see the slight changes.

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