Small Rag Quilt Pattern
Dolls Blanket or Security Blanket

When selecting your fabrics to make this small rag quilt it is advisable to buy the best quality fabric you can afford.

You will notice that the cheaper fabrics are woven more loosely. As this is a raw edged quilt there is quite a bit of lint and thread that comes away on the first washing and the better the fabric quality the less lint.

There is no need to prewash the fabrics unless you are checking for color bleeding. It is more common to have this problem with red fabrics.

To make this small rag quilt on the right you will need a selection of flannel fabric. I used 4 different types for the top and one for the backing.

sixteen - 9" squares of flannel (9 for the back & 7 for the front)

four - 9" x 5 1/2" rectangles of flannel

nine - 7" squares of batting


Step 1:

Cut five 9" x 9" flannel squares for the top of your quilt

Cut eight9" x 5 1/2" flannel rectangles for the top of your quilt

Step 2:

Cut nine 9" x 9" flannel squares for the back of your quilt

Step 3:

Cut nine 7" x 7" squares from your batting

Step 4:

Sew pairs of rectangles together with fabric wrong side to wrong side, using a 1" seam

Arrange squares into desired pattern

Step 5:

It is now time to place batting between the flannel layers. If your backing fabric has a one way design check that the design is facing the right way up. Now, place one backing square (wrong side up), position a batting square centrally and another top square (right side up) on top, making a fabric sandwich.

Step 6:

Sew each square on the diagonal through all three layers from batting corner to batting corner. You can see this on my quilt above and below. Repeat this step till all the pieces are completed. You should have 9 sandwiches ready to sew together.

Step 7:

Now comes the exciting part - joining the squares into rows

First - lay out your squares into the desired pattern

Next - begin with the top row and sew each square to the one next to it. Remember to have all raw edges facing towards the front!!!

Step 8:

Join the rows together. Again Remember to have all raw edges facing towards the front!!!

Step 9:

Sew a 1" triple seam around the entire quilt.

Well done!! Your small rag quilt is nearly finished!!

Step 10:

Clip each raw edge at 1/2" (1 1/2cm) intervals and up to an 1/8" from the seam.

Step 11:

You are now ready to machine wash your quilt and then dry your quilt in the dryer using a hot setting. After washing and drying your quilt be prepared to clear out the lint and thread that gets left in your washer or dryer. I sometimes need to dry my quilt twice as the seams can take a little longer to dry.

When using a more loosely woven fabric you may need to tidy up the raw edges by pulling out any loose threads

Congratulations on completing your small rag quilt!!!

Tips & Techniques

* Sew a shape onto the center of the square in a contrasting fabric eg a heart, ball etc

* You can substitute batting with another layer of flannel fabric. If you choose to do this then cut all squares 9". This will make the cut edges very fluffy - this is what makes the quilts so unique!

* You can also make this quilt using denim

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