Simple Quilt Designs

Simple quilt designs are fun to create and often the end result is stunning. Just because they are easy quilt designs doesn't mean they have to be boring. What you need to keep in mind are two things:

First, it is best to be very careful with your color choice. Choose a specific colorway to create a stunning quilt. I have listed a few ideas below.

* Black, white and a color (I used orange)

* Brights

* Pastels

* Batiks

* Asian

* Childrens

* Florals

Second, is the use of sashings and borders. Here you can have a lot of fun. These quilts lend themselves to the use of multiple and more busy borders.

Foundation Piecing Tips

Also known as paper piecing. This quilting method uses a paper pattern that the pieces of fabric are sewn on to. It is best used when a block or quilt is made out of many pieces of fabric.

The advantages of this method of quilting is stability and precision. You can achieve accurate shapes, corners and lines with this method. Fabric wont be stretched and each block will be the same as all the others in the quilt. This is particularly important if the quilt is being made by more than one person.

The disadvantages are few and the results are worth it. Planning is very important & time consuming. My first attempts were very frustrating but with time and practise you get better and better.


You can use temporary or permanent foundations. Permanent ones are batting, fabric or interfacing. These don't need to be removed but will add bulk to your quilt. Temporary ones are usually light weight paper, freezer paper or interfacing. Photocopying paper (which I used on my first attempts)tends to pull the stitches when it is removed.

Removal of the foundations is done after the all the borders have been added.

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