Quilt Supplies

Lesson 1

Having the correct quilt supplies is a great way of ensuring your quilt is made with the minimum of stress and finishes with the best result.

When using Marti Michell's templates I found having the recommended rotary cutters, rulers & cutting boards a life saver. Don't be discouraged if you can't afford the extra supplies I suggest initially, as the quilt can still be made with what you have got. My suggestion is to purchase the template set that best suits you (I will be using set B) and purchase the extra supplies as you are able.

I have listed two sets of supplies below. The first is my recommended ideal list. The second is a basic supply list.

Recommended Supplies

* Marti Michell template Set B & Book Volume 1

* Large Cutting Mat

* Rotating Cutting Mat

* Two rotary cutters - one large and the other small

* Two rulers - 12" x 8" and longer ruler for cutting strips

* Sewing machine with 1/4" foot

* Scissors & thread

* Iron

Basic Supplies

* Marti Michell template Set B & Book Volume 1

* Large Cutting Mat

* Rotary cutter

* Ruler

* Sewing machine with either a 1/4" foot or a 1/4" mark

* Scissors & thread

* Iron

Before you begin cutting your fabric it would be best to learn about fabric grain. Many a quilter has found using the fabric grain correctly has solved more than a few problems when making a quilt.

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