Modern Quilt Tutorial

Free Motion Quilting by Leah Day

A modern quilt tutorial taking you through the steps of designing and creating your own quilt. Since joining Pinterest I have come across many beautiful modern quilts. I have noticed that I'm drawn to more angular themed ones that have a lot of either white or grey background. I love the quilts that Julie of Jaybirds Quilts designs. If you'd like to see some of her quilts then I have her blog listed at the right of this page. She's the second from the top 'lying under the beautiful red Come What May quilt' she designed. Also Rita of Red Pepper Quilts uses fabulous bright fabrics in her modern quilts. Both ladies make stunning and inspiring quilts!

Leah Day from the free motion quilting project has dedicated 4 weeks to showing how to make your own quilt. She covers the following topics:

  • Piecing modern quilt blocks
  • Quilting a modern quilt
  • Filling a modern quilt
  • Quilt name tag

You can visit her site The Free Motion Quilting Project where she offers the Free Motion Quilt Along series including the videos below as well as a detailed longhand description of each lesson.

I have not yet designed my modern quilt but when I have decided on my design I will come back here to follow Leah's instructions. I love the way she teaches giving very clear instructions

Below I have posted each YouTube video and placed a link to her site for the written version. I will also add photos of my completed quilt when made.

Quilt Along #19 - Piecing Modern Quilt Blocks

Quilt Along #20 - Modern Quilting Design

Quilt Along #21: Filling a Modern Quilt

Quilt Along #22: How to Create a Quilt Tag

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