Flying Free Quilt
Made in 2007

My Flying Free quilt was one of my early quilts. I had recently finished the Twisted Sister quilt so was ready to make another quilt for another daughter. We went off to the quilt shop together and she chose a quilt pattern from a sample displayed on a their wall. It was designed as a small wall quilt.

It was a great quilt to make as it was straight forward, different from the couple of quilts I had already made and the final quilt I knew would look great. We choose fabrics similar to on the pattern allowing for a single bed quilt. The pattern suggested adding paua shell to 6 of the squares but I could see this being a problem at washing time and I would also have needed to find a lot more paua shell with eyelet holes already made. Not something I felt like doing at this time. This daughter is a major cat lover and I'm sure her cats would have loved playing with the paua shell as well. I know when you give a quilt away what the recipient does with it has nothing to do with you but....

The image on the right is of the original quilt. As you can see it is a smaller version. Click on the picture and you will be taken to the shop where I purchased the pattern and fabric for this quilt.

With my first couple of quilts I underestimated the amount of backing fabric I'd need. In each case I needed to get creative with my backings by adding extra width using fabric from the front of the quilt. I really enjoyed the challenge so when it came to the backing for this quilt I had already decided what I was going to do.

To Cushlas Village Fabrics

I made patchwork fish hook blocks to go across the bottom of the quilt. They looked stunning. I can't currently find the photo I took of the back of the quilt. When I come across it I will add it here.

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