English Garden Quilt
Made in 2009

My english garden quilt showcases Kaffe Fassett fabrics beautifully. While taking a country drive one weekend I came across a quaint patchwork shop that was located in a restored farm shed. Inside was the most amazing array of quilting fabrics. There was a huge range of Kaffe Fassett fabrics and the owner had on display quite a few quilts made using his fabrics. Some of these were displayed on the outside wall by the entrance and others over tables, chairs and on the walls. Not too dissimilar to the way Kaffe displays his quilts in his books. Total heaven!

All the quilts she had on display using Kaffe Fassett were made using simple blocks but assembled in an offbeat way. The quilt above demonstrates this well.

My quilt is based on one of the quilts I saw in her shop. It is made using three different sized blocks (seam allowances included) - 9.5" square, 6.5" square and a 3.5" square. The placement of these blocks is done in three columns and I must admit it gave me quite a headache to sort out. Each column is 18" wide and there was an endless number of combinations to play with. I can't remember how many different fabrics I used but it was quite a few, 12 to 15 from memory.

Kaffe Fassett has many stunning fabrics. He also has a number of fabulous quilting books on the market. Browsing through these is a feast to enjoy. The quilt I made was based on one of his in the book 'Kaleidoscope of Quilts'. Kaffe has two quilts using the same pattern but in different fabrics.

Many years ago I was introduced to Kaffe's knitting patterns by my sister-in-law. She made several garments using them and they were truely stunning. His quilting fabrics and quilt patterns are again just as stunning.

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