Doll Star Quilt
Made in 2008

This doll star quilt I made in my first years of quilting. I had a range of fabrics that I previously used to make gorgeous dolls many years before and I decided it was time to use some of them to see if quilting was something that I wanted to pursue as a hobby.

I had no idea what I was doing when I made this. Fortunately I have forgotten what I did exactly! My memory is of fumbling along and it sort of worked. At least the end result was OK and it still functions well as a doll quilt in my home.

I searched the net for a star pattern that I liked and then I tried to replicate it. I didn't know what paper piecing was nor had I had any patchwork lessons at this stage. It's amazing what perseverance can achieve. I also learnt that anything goes when creating a quilt top but have since found better and more efficent ways to do some things. Can you see all the points that are hidden in the black border! The paper piecing technique, I have subsequently found, gets rid of that problem.

A close look at the quilt shows that I had no real method in completing this. Just look at the number of sharp point variations I achieved (some are hidden while others don't even reach the border) and also the asymetrical focus of the pieces. Thank goodness my quilting friend Jeannie did a fantastic quilting job and disguised my errors well. I have subsequently discovered that using multi-colored threads or strong contrasting threads when quilting cause a great distraction for the observer. Black in a quilt makes the other colors stand out also distracting the eyes away from the flaws.

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