DJ Reverse Applique

My DJ reverse applique technique that I show below is one that I learnt especially to make this quilt. It has become my preferred method of applique and where possible I chose this method over regular applique. Several quilting friends mentioned they also found this the case when making their blocks and told me before I started on this journey! It was this comment that helped me choose to do all the applique by hand rather than by machine (my preferred method).

As I was making my blocks I found I acquired several essential items along the way. These all made it much easier and the results I achieved much better.

  • Small sharp pointed scissors
  • Magnifying light
  • Applique needles
  • Glue

To get as sharp a point as possible I found watching Sharon Schamber's video 'Needle Turned Applique' invaluable. This is where I found out about the huge benefits of using glue.

Below is block G13 that I made using this technique. I'm sorry for the photo quality, my current camera doesn't do closeups well.

Iron freezer paper pattern onto right side of fabric.

Cut along curved edge leaving a scant 1/4" seam allowance. Clip along the inside curve to within a few threads of freezer paper.

Place main fabric at the back right side up. Position plain fabric with freezer paper on top. Baste through all layers leaving room to turn seam allowance under.

Turn seam allowance under and stitch using small stitches.

This photo shows the wrong side of the block after surplus fabric has been trimmed away.

Below are some of the blocks within the quilt that use this technique. When making these blocks I referred to thatquiltblog as Anina has some very creative ways of interpreting the blocks that make it a lot easier to do. They are often more fabric hungry but the end results are so much better.

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