My DJ Foundation Pieced Blocks

The DJ foundation pieced blocks I have made have made so far I'm very proud of. There are over 30 pieces in some of these blocks making them time consuming but the results are very rewarding!

When I was first introduced to this technique I had a love/hate relationship with it. I've learnt that it is better to use slightly larger pieces of fabric than you think you need.

There are quite a few great tutorials online regarding this technique and variations within it. Below is my take on it and what I fine works for me.

The most frustrating part is often removing the paper once the block is finished as it can stretch or even rip the stitches out. I have found scoring the pattern first along the seam lines using a pin and ruler a great help. Also re-creasing the paper along the sewn seam immediately before tearing it out helps as well.

The block below is very simple and quick to make. A great one to try foundation piecing on.

Below is D-6 a foundation pieced block.

Print the block diagram onto foundation paper. You'll notice I have left extra paper beyond the cutting line - this is because I like to make my blocks slightly larger and then trim them later. Just in case!!!

Score along the stitching lines and fold. I used a pin and ruler to do this. You only need to use a little pressure with your pin or you'll find that your pattern tears. This makes it so much easier to remove the paper at the end.

Cut 6" x 6" from main fabric and lay right side down. Place foundation pattern on top. Lay background fabric strip along stitching line - see right bottom corner in photo. Pin, check position is correct then sew.

To save yourself time, you can piece sections 2, 3, 4, & 5 at the same time then sew them.

First rows are stitched.

Trim away excess fabric (only) taking care to check twice that you are trimming the right fabric!! I have had to unpick a couple of times because I didn't check twice!!!

Piece sections 6, 7, 8, & 9 at the same time.

D6 paper removed, trimmed and finished!

Following are more foundation pieced DJ blocks that I have made.

Row A

Row B

Row C

Row D

Row E

Row F

Row G

Row H

Row I

Row J

Row K

Row L

Row M

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