Cat Quilt - Purrfect Day Out
Made in 2007

This cat quilt is one of my earliest quilts that I have made. I saw it displayed in a quilting shop and just had to find out more! It was being offered as a block of the month project which I was delighted with once I had had this concept explained to me. In hind sight I would probably have never finished it if I'd been able to buy the whole kit.

After completing the 10 month project in 18months I went back to the shop for backing fabric and batting. It was at this time that I was introduced to my quilter Jeannie Balemi. She had quilted the quilt shops sample of The Purrfect Day Out. Jeannie has quilted most of my quilts up until recently. Late last year she showed me how to do my own quilting - quite confusing initially.

This quilt was full of wee challenges for me. I learnt about fusible web. I destroyed my ironing board cover with it and remember having to clean my iron several times! I then bought an applique pressing sheet. This revolutionised the whole applique process. I highly recommend using one of these.

Using my Elna Supermatic sewing machine I set about finding the right zigzag stitch. Not an easy task when you know what other more modern machines can achieve. My zigzag stitch did not look even or consistent enough to me. Oh well, never mind. The quilt turned out great and with professional quilting it looked stunning. It currently lives on my spare bed in my sewing room as a reminder to me about how far I have come.

I have shown the link for this quilt from the shop I purchased it from. I can't lay my hands on my pattern anymore but I'm sure it's stored in a box somewhere.

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