Busy Book Inspiration

Finding my busy book inspiration is quite easy these days with sites like Pinterest, You Tube and Google. 

Also the 3 girls above are my true inspiration and where it all begins! My daughter & I share ideas we find on a regular basis via Facebook and then use these as springboards to create a new page.


I have set up my own Pinterest quiet book inspiration board which you can see here.  I also have a Pinterest board showing all of the pages I have made and you can view My Busy/Quiet Book Pages. I must warn you though that you do find yourself spending a lot of time browsing Pinterest - but rarely do I come away without finding some fabulous pins.

To start using Pinterest you will need to set up an account. To do this go to www.pinterest.com, fill out the necessary information & click sign up. They will then show you what to do every step of the way.

You Tube

There are so many clever people out there that make videos of their wonderful creations. Though not always done in English I still find them very inspirational.

My favourite channel is My Craft by Irina Sorokina. She has created so many videos of the books she has made including detailed instructional videos and also product videos.

Irina also has a Facebook page that you can join called 'My Craft' where she posts all her latest videos etc.

Others that I also follow are:


For my Busy Books I also find great pattern ideas searching the following ideas:

  • colouring pages
  • simple drawings for kids

and many similar searches depending on the theme I'm exploring at the time.

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