Batik Logcabin Quilt
Made in 2010

This batik logcabin quilt has long been a design I have wanted to make. Measuring all those lengths of fabric strips didn't appeal so I never got round to making one until 2010.

I enrolled in a course that used Marti Michell's templates. This course was focused around making a small sampler and there was ample room for choosing which blocks to make. Now this really appealed because I could choose the blocks I liked!

While on this course the tutor showed us some of the quilts she had made using Marti's templates and among them was a logcabin quilt! She mentioned the ease and accuracy you get when using Marti's logcabin rulers. Several women were including a logcabin block in their sampler so I gained all the instructions on how to use this ruler - so easy and accurate! I was sold then and there - ruler bought and quilt begun as soon as I got home. I just bought a bit more of the same fabric that I was using for the sampler quilt.

I was making the sampler quilt for my son so now he was going to get 2 quilts using the same fabrics. You will notice that the strips on the black fabric side of each block blend in to one another. This happens because I have used the same black fabric for each strip. To avoid this then use different black fabrics on that side of the block.

Below are a couple of closeup photos of the quilt. The first is of the front lefthand corner and the second shows the quilting from the back. This was done by my quilting friend Jeannie Balemi.

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