Bamboo Batting

Bamboo batting though not always easy to find is a batting worth considering. The bamboo plant is an extremely fast grower that needs no help from water, fertilizers or pesticides when left to grow naturally.

This makes it more environmentally friendly compared to other natural fibers. Some people are concerned that if bamboo is farmed as a result of deforestation then the fiber would no longer be considered green.

Currently there are two main types of this batting on the market. The first is made from 100% bamboo fiber and the second is a blend of 50% bamboo with 50% organic cotton. It is one of the more expensive batting on the market.

When made into batting bamboo has many advantages for the quilter:

* Producing bamboo filler uses fewer toxic chemicals than conventional cotton or polyester

* Needle-punched, so it contains no glues or binders

* Breathable and cool, like cotton

* Naturally antibacterial

* Can be machine or hand quilted

* Is light weight

* 100% bamboo - drapes similar to silk

* Machine washable - estimated shrinkage 2-3%

* Bamboo batting may be soaked (no agitation) to preshrink it prior to quilting

* A good choice for bed quilts as well as wall hangings

Bamboo Quilt Washing Instructions

* Using a mild detergent - machine wash on gentle cycle or hand wash finished quilt

* Air dry flat out of direct sunshine or dry in dryer on air or low heat setting - expect 2-3% shrinkage

* May be dry cleaned


1. Bamboo is considered renewable. The crop can be harvested year after year without replanting. The fiber is biodegradable.

2. Could be beneficial if you have a chronic health problem due to its antibacterial properties.

3. It is a gentle and non-irritating fiber making it a good choice for those with sensitive skin.

4. Recommended quilting distance: up to 8"

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