Austria Quilt Shops

Are you planning your next trip to Europe and want to visit a few Austria quilt shops while you're away? Check out my growing directory below. 

The shop listings are organised alphabetically by name. Where possible I have added an image beside each shops listing. I really wanted an inside photo of the types of fabric they sell so if you have a fabulous photo that you'd like me to add then let me know via the 'Contact Me' at the bottom of this page & attach your photos - thank you!

Please contact the shop in advance of your visit so that you wont be disappointed by it being closed due to holidays etc. It will help to also confirm their opening hours on the days you are planning on visiting.

If you own a quilt shop or as a quilter have a favourite shop that I haven't listed below yet then please let me and every visitor to my site know!

Thank you!

Patchwork Stube Aflenz

Aflenz Kurort 10
A-8623 Aflenz, Austria
+43 6763573308 

Patchwork Stube Aflenz Austria

Kreativ Shop

Wienerstraße 7
2345 Brunn am Gebirge, Austria
+43 2236 31950

Kreativ Shop Austria

Country Rose Quilt Shop

Bockfließerstraße 15
2232 Deutsch-Wagram, Austria

+43 2247 2361

Country Rose Quilt shop Austria

Der Kleine Stoffladen

Gussastrasse 1
2292 Engelhartstetten, Austria

+43 664 5053080

Der Kleine Stoffladen Austria

Gabilita Design und Genuss

Alleestrasse 76
6345 Kössen, Austria

+43 676 7588206

Gabilita Design und Genuss

Horner Näehzentrum

Promenade 15
4020 Linz, Austria

+43 732 772886

Horner Näehzentrum

Nähen und Mehr

Rainerstrasse 25
4020 Linz, Austria

+43 732 664442

Nähen und Mehr

Das Handarbeitsgeschäft

Untere Hauptstrasse 18
Neusiedl am See 7100, Austria

+43 699 81761664

Das Handarbeitsgeschäft shop Austria

Quilt House

Kirchenstrasse 26
3251 Purgstall/Erllauf,      Austria

+43 7489 30164

Quilt House Austria

Buying fabric is not immoral, 
not illegal and does not make you fat. 
Fabric does not have a fridge, 
you do not have to cook for it 
and never feed it. 
You do not have to change diapers 
or clean your nose. 
You do not have 
to walk behind him and do not go for a walk with him! 
The fabric calms the nerves, 
strokes the soul and makes you happy. 

Besides, it's always cheaper and more sensible than a psychiatrist! 

Hilde & Hilde

Oberer Stadtpl 30
4780 Schärding Innere Stadt, Austria

+43 7712 6766

Fabric from Hilde & Hilde

Sonja's Handarbeitsstube

Moritz-Schadekgasse 13
3830 Waidhofen a.d. Thaya, Austria

+43 7712 6766

Sonja's Handarbeitsstube shop

Näehstube Schramm

Bahngasse 44
2700 Wiener Neustadt, Austria

+43 2622 24635

Näehstube Schramm shop Austria

When contacting me regarding a shop you love... with a shops new address... or letting me know a shop is no longer in business... please include the following details:

  • Country of the shop
  • Shops name
  • Shops address - if known
  • Updated information regarding the shop

Thank you in advance...

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