Asian Quilt
Made in 2009

I saw an Asian quilt (similar to mine above)when viewing a quilting exhibition. It was on display at one of the trade stands. I couldn't take my eyes off it and they also sold the fabrics for it as well. I decided to walk away and enjoy the rest of the exhibition but somehow I kept finding myself back at the same stand, repeatedly!

Fortunately I wasn't the only one admiring the same quilt. In fact they had sold out of one of the fabrics before I finally bought mine. They had so many beautiful Asian fabrics that I bought way more than I needed. I still have quite a bit of this fabric leftover, even after also making a throw and a queen sized quilt.

Most of the fabrics are by Robert Kaufman. Oriental Parade and Oriental Traditions were the two ranges of his that I used predominantly. Thank goodness this information is recorded along the selvage!

One of the stunning features of this fabric is the shimmer of the gold thread overlay. This creates a very rich and Asian flavor.

If you would like to view the range of free and designer quilt patterns by Robert Kaufman as well as up coming fabric releases then visit their website. Robert Kaufman also produces stunning Asian fabric panels. These are fabulous for the 'looking through the window' quilt designs. You will find several of these panels and also patterns for them on his website. The block design is quite simple and I have added my version I created on EQ7 called Asian Block. I gave this quilt away soon after I had completed it so I'm unsure what size of block I eventually made. As well I'm unsure of the width of the sashing as well.

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