Applique Heart Quilt


This wee applique heart quilt project is one I'm doing as a fill in and I have no idea at this stage what I will make from all these heart blocks.

I have set myself a wee challenge to make these blocks using as many different appliqué techniques as I can. I love machine appliqué but thought it a great idea to step out of my comfort zone.  But I must confess that I just don't enjoy the other methods I have tried so far as much as machine appliqué and I am falling back into my natural groove...

I've been collecting my husbands old business shirts for a couple of years and have decided to use the blue ones for my block squares. For these blocks I am only using the shirt sleeves. It feels good to be able to recycle fabric like the women did long, long ago - quilt making done the traditional way in this respect.

For the hearts I used fabrics from my stash.

As for the heart designs these have come from a variety of sources. Some drawn free-hand, others come from the EQ7 library and the majority of the remainder come from 'google search'. I am not keeping any of the heart templates as this is just me having a bit of fun.

Each block background was cut into a 6" square. I then starched them before adding the hearts. I'm keen on making my own starch eventually but for now I am finishing up the remainder of my bought ones.

The applique techniques I have used are:

  • raw edge machine appliqué with blind stitch 
  • raw edge machine appliqué with fancy stitches
  • turned edge machine appliqué with invisible thread
  • turned edge hand appliqué

The main tools I used to complete these blocks are:

  • small sharp scissors
  • steam-a-seam
  • freezer paper
  • starch

At this stage I am looking to make them into one of the following:

  • baby quilt or
  • childs' quilt or
  • a throw

I'd love to design a border that has graduated appliqué hearts along each side but that decision will be left until the end. 

I have no end date in mind for completing the applique heart quilt but rather I'd enjoy making a block or two from time to time and as each few blocks are sewn together I will add them here. 

How to correct a problem block

Have you ever had a block come out poorly? Well several of my heart blocks did and I know why. I was in a wee bit of a rush and had run out of steam a seam but kept making heart blocks without it. 

The results were disappointing for a few of the blocks. But a quick spray of starch to the wrong side of the block then a press turned the blocks around as can be seen below.

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