Dr Seuss Rag Quilt

My Satin Edged Rag Quilt

My Dr Seuss Rag Quilt was so much fun to make for my wee grand daughter. I had seen a flannel quilt similar to this, in one of my local quilting shops and thought I'd love to make one. It's so good to have a great excuse to make one - grand children!

I have made quite a few flannel rag quilts for my grand children and friends but never one with a satin edge. My youngest grand daughter now puts everything in her mouth but unfortunately the texture of flannel is not that appealing to her.  So satin ribbon edging could be the solution.

I had a bit of difficulty finding suitable ribbon. I really wanted to use a ribbon similar to the ribbon you find used on baby blankets. The width of 4" is very good but my ribbon is a bit stiff - I'm hoping it will soften after a couple of washes.

This is so easy to make. Here are the cutting instructions I used to make this wee quilt.

  1. Cut four squares 9 1/2" x 9 1/2"
  2. Inner sashing cut 1 1/2" wide
  3. Striped border pieces 2" x 3"
  4. Satin ribbon 4" wide
  5. Backing 26" x 26"
To Dr Seuss Flower Template

The applique flower design I created in EQ7 but then I changed the inner flower to a circle in my quilt as I was fussy cutting Dr Seuss characters. I have added the template above for this. As this is made using the raw edge applique method there are no seam allowances included in the pattern.

When adding the satin ribbon as a binding I did several steps differently from the usual binding method.

  1. I ironed the ribbon in half lengthwise first.
  2. I had no seam allowance to turn under as the ribbon had selvedges on both edges.
  3. I machine sewed the ribbon on using a walking curved zigzag stitch. This makes it very sturdy and can be done through all the layers at the same time.
  4. I straight stitched the mitered corners down and the start and finish seam. You can see this on the bottom right hand corner of the photo above.

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