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A cat quilt block is always popular among quilters, as they are a very popular theme to be used in quilts. Almost every quilting shop I have been to has a cat quilt (usually more than one) displayed on their wall and quite a few cat patterns as well.

I must admit I have made a beautiful block of the month cat quilt called 'Purrfect Day Out'. I saw it on display at a quilt shop and just had to make it!!

The free patterns below are of cat blocks both pieced and appliquéd. Some of the blocks would look fantastic sitting on the sill of an attic window quilt.

To see a couple of cat quilt blocks I have made look at Nightime Antics and Purrfect Day Out.

Cat Templates

Cat Rotary Cutting Pattern

Cat Foundation Piecing

Fat Cat Templates

Fat Cat Rotary Cutting Pattern

Fat Cat Foundation Piecing

Cat Head Templates

Cat Head Rotary Cutting Pattern

Cat Head Foundation Piecing

Cats And Mice Templates

Cats And Mice Rotary Cutting Pattern

Cats And Mice Foundation Piecing

Cat Tails Templates

Cat Tails Rotary Cutting Pattern

Cat Tails Foundation Piecing

C is for Cat Templates

C is for Cat Rotary Cutting Pattern

C is for Cat Applique Pattern

Sitting Cat Silhouette Templates

Sitting Cat Silhouette Applique Pattern

Standing Cat Silhouette Templates

Standing Cat Silhouette Applique Pattern

Hungry Cat Silhouette Templates

Hungry Cat Silhouette Applique Pattern

Sleepy Cat Templates

Sleepy Cat Applique Pattern

A few Tips to remember:


* When sewing a block together it is important to use an accurate ¼” seam allowance. In quilting that’s sewing a ‘scant ¼” seam’. This means a seam that is a thread or two less than a true ¼” – these few extra threads are taken up as you fold the fabric back on the seam. You can buy a ¼” foot for your machine which creates a scant ¼” seam when you run the edge of the foot along the edge of the fabric.

There are times when it is OK to not use a scant ¼” seam. If you are the only person sewing the quilt then as long as your seams and points are consistent it won’t matter. Your finished quilt may end up slightly smaller or larger but everything will still align properly.


* Stabilize your backing fabric - I use Spray Starch

* Use an iron on adhesive like Steam-A-Seam

* Test your appliqué stitch before you begin. If you are having tension problems then using a finer thread on your bobbin will help.

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