My Felt Christmas Tree

My felt Christmas Tree came about because I saw Martina's one on a Pinterest board. She had made one for her daughter and had posted a photo of her daughter playing with it. So cute!!

Here's a wee update showing my grand daughter playing with her tree a year later. She is now 16months old and loving the tree especially when her big sister plays as well. Sorry about the image quality.

Below are 2 more photos showing Bella (now 17months) decorating her tree! This is the tree and its ornaments second Christmas outing and it has held up very well.

Her tree lies flat when not in use - making it so easy to store in a cupboard!

I emailed her for a copy of her pattern and she sent it through - including instructions!

Martina has very kindly given her permission for me to pass on her Christmas Tree pattern. Below are the downloads for her pattern.

While browsing Pinterest I had been collecting a range of fabulous felt images that I thought I might like to use when making the decorations for my tree. Most did not come with patterns. But this was not a bother most of the time. They are simple ornaments to make and I found it very easy to create my own patterns.

Following is a brief description of how I created my own pattern for my peacock, I hope it helps!

  1. Select peacock image
  2. Print out peacock
  3. Re-size peacock on photocopier
  1. Hold peacock up against a window
  2. Place a second piece of paper over the peacock
  3. Trace around peacocks body
  1. Hold peacock up against a window
  2. Place another piece of paper over the peacock
  3. Trace around the feathers

Below are four photos of my felt Christmas tree showing a different side & ornaments in each photo.

Several of my ornaments have either a bell or cellophane in them. As well I have added about 3 bought ornaments that I found while shopping. I did this to add an additional textural experience for my granddaughter.

This tree lies flat for easy storage when not in use. I will be giving this to my daughter soon and will hopefully have found a cute Christmas container to store the ornaments in separately for her.

Below is a wee video clip I found that demonstrates the blanket stitch I used to make these felt ornaments.

I tried using predominantly wool felt when making my ornaments but occasionally I strayed from this as I also wanted felt that had spots, hearts, stars etc on it. As this is going to be used by my baby granddaughter this Christmas I omitted buttons, beads & sequins when decorating them.

Here are a couple of places that stock felt:

Very Berry Handmade has posted a range of great felt suppliers

Colonial Crafts for wool felt

I Love Felt88 for patterned felt

The website I purchased my thick felt from to make the green tree was

My Amazon ads are my affiliate links. Thank you.

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