Busy Book Skills

Busy book skills are built up in a very natural environment through the child's curiosity, imaginative play, problem solving and lots of fun. Each page that a child explores should involve developing a range of these using a variety of skills.

Below I have listed a range of skills that busy/quiet books help develop:

Fine motor skills

small, precise thumb, finger, hand, and wrist movements

Imaginative play

Decision making

Each of the above is done by either:

  • matching
  • pointing
  • page turning
  • sorting
  • comparing
  • dressing
  • identifying
  • counting
  • naming
  • recognising
  • conversing
  • exploring
  • manipulating
  • sharing (game pages like tic tac toe)
  • taking turns

The above lists are not intended to be exhaustive but rather let you know the important role that these books can play in a child's development.

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