Alice Quilt
Made in 2010-11

This Alice quilt was such a lot of fun to design and sew. My grand daughter loves Alice in Wonderland so it was an obvious quilt to make for her. This is the first version. I hope to complete the second version later in 2012.

I don't know about you but there are just some quilts that are too hard to part with and this was one of them. So what else is one to do but create a second one.

I decided to make this one out of regular quilting fabric and choose thread to match the appliques as I sewed them on.

My second version uses batiks for the appliques and also I decided to applique using invisible thread. The other difference between the two quilts is the layout.

The background that each image was being placed on was done in a wonky patch design. I used white on black fabrics and also black on white fabrics. This design I had seen used by Gill in my quilting group. She had made a fairy quilt for her granddaughter - see photo below. It looks stunning! I must confess the background squares were a lot more work than I expected.

Once the backgrounds were finished then the images were sourced from a variety of sources - children's books we had, Google image searches and also the video we had. Each image was traced around by my very arty daughter and then where necessary I used the photocopier to re-size them.

Below is the  Alice quilt showing the finished sizes of each block within the quilt. These sizes do not include any sashing or borders.

All the sashing is finished 1" wide or 2.5cm.

The red borders are finished 6" wide or 15cm.

The Finished quilt size is approximately 42½" x 59" or 108cm x 150cm.

When choosing a border width I felt the quilt needed a little something extra so the card symbols were added to the corners and these are 6" x 6" finished blocks. Again these came from searching the web using Google images.

Below is a graphic feast showing most blocks within the quilt and their sizes trimmed (unfinished) & also after being sewn together (finished). The quilt was photographed on a windy day so there is a bit of distortion with the images - I think is suits the quilts theme very well. The two images I have not got photos for are the words. The top one says 'ALICE IN WONDERLAND' and the other says 'PAINTING THE ROSES RED'. Enjoy!

All the following blocks are the same size.

Unfinished - 14" x 14"

Finished - 13½" x 13½"

Cheshire Cat
The Mad Hatter
The White Rabbit
Tweedledee and Tweedledum
Queen of Hearts
Painted Rose

The next 4 blocks are the same size.

Unfinished - 10" x 9½"

Finished - 9½" x 9"

Mad Haters Tea Party
Bread and Butterflies

The next 2 blocks are the same size.

Unfinished - 7½" x 9½"

Finished - 7" x 9"

Snap Dragon
Eat Me Drink Me

To see the method of applique I use visit my machine applique tutorial.

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