Combination Blocks

Many of the combination blocks use two different techniques to complete them. The techniques I used are applique, reverse applique, machine piecing and foundation piecing.

As a guide to making these blocks I used the one posted by Anina at thatquilt.blogspot. She has a very unique way of interpreting how to sew each block that I found very enjoyable and very doable. Like me she has a dislike of hand sewing unless completely unavoidable. Hence she becomes very creative in her approach to making each block.

Below I have placed a photo of each block I made that uses a combination of techniques.

Row A

A3: Applique and reverse applique

A7: Applique, reverse applique & machine pieced

A10: Machine pieced, reverse applique

A11: Machine Pieced, reverse applique

Row B

B2: Machine pieced, applique

B3: Machine pieced, applique

B5: Machine pieced, reverse applique

B7: Applique, reverse applique

B8: Machine pieced, applique

B9: Machine pieced, reverse applique

B11: Foundation piecing, applique

Row C

C2: Foundation pieced, applique

C5: Machine pieced, applique

C8: Foundation pieced, applique

C11: Reverse applique, machine pieced

Row D

D2: Foundation pieced, applique

D4: Foundation pieced, applique

D11: Foundation pieced, applique

D12: Foundation pieced, reverse applique

Row E

E2: Applique, machine pieced

E4: Reverse applique, machine pieced

E6: Foundation pieced, applique

E7: Foundation pieced, reverse applique

E10: Machine pieced, applique

E13: Foundation pieced, reverse applique

Row F

F1: Foundation pieced, applique

F5: Machine pieced, reverse applique

F6: foundation pieced, applique

F9: Machine pieced, reverse applique, applique

F12: Foundation pieced, reverse applique

Row G

G1: Machine pieced, applique

G5: Foundation pieced, applique

G7: Foundation pieced, reverse applique

G11: Machine pieced, applique

G13: Machine pieced, applique

Row H

H2: Foundation pieced, applique

H4: Foundation pieced, applique

H6: Reverse applique, machine pieced

H8: Machine pieced, foundation piecing, reverse applique

H9: Foundation Pieced, applique

H10: Machine pieced, foundation pieced

Row I

I4: Foundation pieced, applique

I5: Applique, reverse applique

I6: Machine pieced, applique

I7: Foundation pieced, applique

I10: Foundation pieced, reverse applique

I11: Machine pieced, reverse applique

Row J

J1: Reverse applique, applique

J3: Applique, foundation pieced

J5: Reverse applique, foundation pieced

J8: Foundation pieced, applique

J9: Foundation pieced, reverse applique

J12: Foundation pieced, applique

J13: Foundation Pieced, applique

Row K

K7: Machine pieced, applique

Row L

L9: Foundation pieced, machine pieced

L10: Foundation pieced, applique

L11: Foundation pieced, machine pieced

L13: Machine pieced, applique

Row M

M3: Machine pieced, foundation pieced, reverse applique

M6: Foundation pieced reverse applique

M7: Applique, reverse applique

M13: Foundation pieced, applique

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