Quilt Display

The topic of quilt display is easy because for me quilts are made to be displayed. There is something special that happens when I can admire quilts whether at quilt fairs, quilt groups, on beds or other places.

The key factor to remember when deciding where to display your quilt is the amount of light it is going to be exposed to. Natural or fluorescent light both fade quilts. Once your quilt has shown signs of fading it is unfortunate that there is no reversal or cure of this process, so guarding against this one factor is very important.

When selecting how to display your quilt often depends on the age of the quilt and how much protection it needs from light and the elements. Antique quilts need great care compared to newer quilts that often can be displayed anywhere.

Which ever way you decide to display your quilts remember to rotate them from time to time especially those that have been folded or hung. Also a quick and gentle vacuum is a great way to keep them fresh looking and protected.

Quilt Display Ideas

* On a bed - this is best as the quilt is laid out flat which means there is no stress from folding or hanging

* Over a couch or chair

* Use a ladder or similar. This enables you to display several quilts at the same time. The ladder can be leaning against the wall or attached to the wall, either horizontally or vertically.

* On a tea trolley. This is a very British piece of furniture that will allow for quilts to be folded on the shelf or shelves below. Today a hall table offers a similar method of display.

* Under the glass top of a coffee table that has an area for displaying items.

* As a headboard hanging from a cutain rod and brackets. This allows you to change the quilt as you want to.

* Folded then rolled and stacked like books on a shelf.

* As framed pictures on the wall. If you have an unfinished quilt still in block pieces then framing them behind nonglare glass and displayed as a set could be an option. This method reminds me of my grandmothers embroidery that was displayed this way.

* By curtain clips and a rod. This requires no hanging sleeve to be attached. Be sure to use adequate clips to support the weight of the quilt.

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