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Quilt care is another topic that needs to be mentioned. We take great care in choosing our design, fabrics, batting and method of stitching but when completed we don't always ensure they are cared for as well as they could be.

All the quilts we make are a work of art and very valuable. This value can be in the cost of making them but most commonly it is their sentimental value that means the most. Any quilt can be damaged by incorrect use, storage or cleaning. To ensure you keep your quilts in their best condition is to keep them clean.

When you next visit a museum, a histortic place etc you will be aware of how clean all the exhibits are. When caring for your quilts the fundamentals are very similar.

There are several areas to consider when caring for your quilts:

* Quilt labels or a reference system

* Quilt display

* Washing your quilts

* Storing your quilts

When making quilts for friends, family and others this information is especially helpful for the new owner to care for the quilt. So including a label on the back of your quilt with washing instructions etc is essential and helps to extend the life of the quilt.

A word of caution - take care that your best quilts are kept away from smokers. As we know cigarette fumes are asorbed well by fabric. This smoke can cause color damage and that speeds up the deterioration of your quilt.

I have noticed that when I have made more than one quilt for family and friends that they tend to swap the quilts over. This is great as not only do I know they like my quilts but it also helps to ensure the quilts are spending some of their time lying out flat, hence removing the stress from being folded.

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