Wooden Teething Ring

Free Pattern Link 

This wooden teething ring is easy to make, loved by mums and babies alike so a win-win-win for everyone!

My daughter asked me if I could make her a selection of wooden teething rings for her latest baby - how could I refuse. She even found the pattern for me which you can find here. It includes a very good tutorial and free pattern for the above teether shown in the photo.

These teether's are super easy to make and only require 2 seams to be sewn. I've made a lot of these beautiful teether's and my daughter bought a pack of 3-4 wooden rings and interchanges them as needed. She loves all the different textures they include and with her wee one dribbling so much at the moment they have proved an added bonus. They are easily removed from the wooden ring to be washed.

These teether's would make a fabulous gift for any expectant mother!! You can also make these super easy bandana bibs to go with the teether.

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